WP Engine Pros And Cons – Discover If They’re A Good Fit For You

If you're looking for world-class web hosting for your online business or website, then WP Engine just might fit the bill. But, they may not be suitable for every business website. So to help you out, here's a quick rundown of some pros and cons.

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First, the "pros:" WP Engine has world-class customer service. Here, you aren't paying for web hosting so much as you're paying for WP Engine's team of 100+ WordPress experts to manage and look after your business website for you.

Further, you're gonna get technical support that's available 24/7, including live chat and telephone support. Another big "pro" for WP Engine is their premium performance. Really WP Engine is ALL about performance.

Their web servers are custom-optimized to run WordPress as efficiently and as fast as possible. And, automatic site caching and CDN are included on all plans.

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Another biggie for WP Engine is their solid security and reliability. Every plan includes daily automated website backups with one-click restore points and SSL certificates. Managed security updates and a variety of advanced security features are also included in all plans.

Another huge bonus is Genesis Framework. This is one of the most widely-used framework builders for WordPress, and it's included for free (a $59.95 value) with your hosting. 35 premium StudioPress Themes are also included at no extra cost.

Another big "pro" for WP Engine is their clear, straightforward pricing. Unlike nearly every other web host I've encountered, with WP Engine there's no shady or tricky pricing. They tell you the price up front, and bill you month-by-month.

Or, you can optionally pay for a full year in advance and get two months of hosting for free. Plus, they've got a solid 60-day full money-back guarantee.

Now these aren't ALL the "pros" for WP Engine (hey, we'd be here all day and I'm sure you and I have other plans!)...but these are the big ones.

Now what about the "cons?" What about the downsides to WP Engine? Well obviously, the biggest turn-off with WP Engine is their pricing -- with their lowest hosting tier starting at $35 a month, this can be a bit of a shock.

But remember, you're not just paying for hosting, you're paying for website management, premium performance, and top security. Another potential downside to WP Engine is that they only offers one kind of hosting -- Premium Managed WordPress Hosting.

So unlike other hosts I use and recommend, WP Engine doesn't offer other types of hosting like shared hosting, cloud hosting, or other types...just managed hosting for WordPress -- that's it!

Another "con" with WP Engine which I ran into on more than one occasion is that they impose a few restrictions -- which I understand they have to do in order to keep your website running as fast as possible...but this does create some limitations in other ways...so it's a trade-off.

For instance, you can of course only run WordPress websites. That makes sense because they're only offering managed WordPress hosting...but further, certain plugins are not allowed on their platforms, like caching plugins for example as well as other types of plugins.

Again this is because WP Engine has their web servers configured in specific ways to maximize performance. Even with these drawbacks, WP Engine is still an fantastic choice for your online business website. If you're looking for the best of the best...you just found it!

They're serving a very specific market segment -- managed WordPress hosting -- and they're serving it very well. And this is a segment that I happen to fall into, and maybe you do too. And if that pricing is making you wheezy, don't forget that WP Engine isn't just offering web hosting.

If you broke down what WP Engine's offering -- premium security, top experts looking after your business online, and fully optimized website performance -- you might find that WP Engine works out to be a fairly cheap web hosting option...maybe even cheaper than some alternatives after you source competing services.

You'll have confidence that your website is completely secure and running fast for your visitors. And, you'll have the assurance that a team of experts always have an eye on your site. This frees you up to focus on building your online business while your website is taken care of for you.

If WP Engine is sounding like they might be a good fit, my suggestion is to start with their lowest-cost plan, StartUp. That's where I started. Then, if you're satisfied with your site's performance and WP Engine's overall service, you can always upgrade later.

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