Work-Life Balance In Business – Possible Or Just A “Pipe Dream?”

Work-life balance in business -- specifically, your business. Is this even possible or is it just a pipe dream? In this video, we'll uncover some real truths and concepts related to work-life balance in business.

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For truly fulfilled business owners and entepreneurs, there's no such thing as work / life balance.

This means that to most outsiders, entrepreneurs appear to be workaholics.

But these sorts of people love what they do and never want to stop...much like an artist or musician or anyone else who's truly in love with what they do.

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See, many people -- most people -- have a warped view of business and the entrepreneurship lifestyle. They think it's all about getting rich and living like a celebrity or something...

But only employees -- people who trade 40 hours a week for a paycheck for 40+ years -- are concerned with vaguely defined things like work / life balance, retirement, and so on.

And that's because largely, they despise their job! They can't wait until the end of the work day...the end of the work week...the end of their working years.

But the problem is, people like this -- most employees -- have gotten themselves into a jam: They're addicted to their expensive lifestyle, and desperately need their job to continue funding their consumption.

Truly happy, fulfilled entrepreneurs have found something that they really enjoy doing, that allows them to do work they ACTUALLY care about, working with the sorts of people they WANT to spend time being around...while making a great living in the process.

After all, for many successful business owners, even after they've amassed a huge net worth, they continue working. Why?

It's not for the money -- they've got enough. In fact, they've got more than enough. They keep working and building for the same reason pro-athletes sign additional multi-million dollar contracts: It's not for the money, it's for the love of the game.

They love what they do. And they never want to stop. So the key if you want to start your own business and be your own boss is to find problems other people have, that they're willing to pay you fix for them, that you actually really enjoy solving.

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