Why You Should Learn Web Design (For These BIG Reasons!)

So, why bother learning web design int he first place? After all, you want to be an online business owner not a web expert, right? Well first off, I want to be clear that you don't have to learn everything there is to know about web design.

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You don't need to become a web designer or web expert. Instead, you just need to know enough to be self-reliant and run your own website and your own online business yourself.

And if you learn just the fundamentals of how to build and run your website, you can always hire help to handle a bigger tasks...and you'll be able to understand what they're doing and what they're talking about.

Here's a quick non-web design example of what I mean: In recent years, I've been getting more and more into building and fixing things. My dad and I built an extra bedroom in our basement -- everything from studs and drywall to electrical...the whole sha-bang.

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It took us two days, and I learned a lot. I asked him, "How much do you think this would have cost if I hired someone?" He took a guess at at least $2000.

And of course, I'd be on their schedule...they'd slot me in whenever they could get to me, and I'd have no idea of they were overcharging me or not.

And anytime I'm building and upgrading and fixing things around the house, I keep in mind that I don't want to be a professional dry-waller or auto mechanic or appliance repair guy. But if I can get 70-80% of where they are, then I'm happy.

I've saved a ton of money and time over the years, and I get the job done when I want it done. The same is true when you learn even just the basics of web design.

And the good news is...it just ain't that hard for you to learn! NO matter what you think about web design right now...it's easier than you think! One of the big benefits to learning the basics for yourself is autonomy.

You'll be able to make minor fixes and updates yourself without having to rely on anyone else. You can fix things and make your own customizations quickly, on your time table...and the only cost to you is your time. This is huge. You're independent. You're free.

If you have changes that need to be made quickly because of an upcoming event, if you have new products you'd like to add, if you'd like to include a new feature on your website, you can do it all yourself and not have to rely on someone else or their schedule.

And, you can save yourself tons and tons of money and frustration, too! Another big benefit to learning web design is this:

If you learn the fundamentals, you can build any new business in the future, whenever and however you want. And if you're like me, you have tons and tons of ideas for all kinds of different businesses.

If you didn't know how to build your own website, every time you have an idea for a business, you'll face the same hurdles every time: A big upfront cost to get your site set up, and you'll be reliant on outside designers and their schedules, who you HOPE you can trust.

What I love about knowing web design is that I can very rapidly build and test my ideas. In the span of a weekend (or even less), I can have a fully functional website up and running to test my latest business idea.

If the idea doesn't get traction, if it isn't working, then it's only my time that I've risked. So when you know the basics, the return on your investment is infinite.

You learn this stuff once -- again, even just the basics of getting a website up and running -- and you can launch as many online businesses in the future as you'd like.

And, you can go as far down the web design rabbit hole as you'd like...you can take this stuff as far as you'd like.

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