Why Use Storytelling In Marketing – Secret Power REVEALED!

A great way to create a connection and reliability with your audience is surprisingly simple: Tell stories. So when you're making a point or want to reinforce something, tell a story. The psychology and the persuasion behind this is incredible.

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Check this out: I'm going to tell you a story about my best friend from high school. He and I had met in home room in grade 9 when he spotted me reading a Star Wars comic...And suddenly you're mentally transported back...not to MY high school, but to yours.

The pictures and the movie that start playing in your head are YOU in high school, YOUR home room with YOUR best friend. And if you like Star Wars, suddenly there's a little bond...a little bit of reliability.

Storytelling's incredible because it's immersive and VERY relatable. The actual mechanics behind all this are difficult and complex to understand, but it seems that us humans are somehow hardwired to love stories and be persuaded by them.

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The stories we love the most are the ones where we can relate to and empathize with the characters. One big reason why I don't like modern movies is because I can't relate to the characters. Instead it's like...

..."I hope they all die so this movie can end and I can go home!" So when we use storytelling in our online business marketing, in our messaging, in our emails and so on, we're gently influencing without being overt or ham-fisted about it.

"I remember when I finally finished building my first website" -- BAM, you instantly pictured YOUR first website -- or the website you want to build for yourself -- and now we have a connection...I'm empathizing with you and I'm now more relatable. it's amazing stuff!

So use stories to deepen your relationship with your audience and deepen the connection.

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