Why Some Companies Are Universally Despised…And What They Can Teach Us

You know what kind of companies we despise? We often despise massive corporations, monopolies, publicly-traded or government-backed companies.

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Companies that are publicly-traded or owned and backed by the government aren't driven by efficiency, problem solving, or competence. Instead, their motives are rooted in solving their shareholder's problems (more profit!) not on the problems their customers have.

And that's why we despise them.

We despise them because we want solutions to our painful problems, and we want value for our money. We want them to care about our problems. We want them to care about us.

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And you know what? There's a lesson in here for us: As small business owners, our customers want the same thing from us. They want us to care. They want to be heard. They want their problems and challenges to be acknowledged, not ignored.

This is because the only time people exchange their money is when it's for things that solve some kind of problem they have. And people have all sorts of challenging problems -- food problems, shoe problems, living room problems, smartphone problems, car problems...and a hundred thousand others.

You can't solve them all. But if you can solve one or two really big, complex problems for your customers, your business will do just fine.

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