Why Online Business Is Important (Ever Thought About THIS?)

We all witnessed the craziness and downright insanity of 2020...lockdowns, the destruction of local businesses, wide-scale unrest, the emptying out of major cities...

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I just read and article about Toronto condo "for sale" listings surging 215% beyond the same time last year. And Toronto's not that far from where I am -- north of Toronto by an hour or so out in the country. And here, real estate's going ballistic.

Why? People are leaving major metropolitan areas. After 2020, all the benefits cities offered are now irrelevant.

For example, most people lived in or near cities for work...but now for many of us, geographic location is irrelevant for work because we're working remotely. What about being close to world-class restaurants, theatres, sporting events and other live events? Well, a lot of those are closed, bankrupt, or otherwise unavailable.

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And as 2020 progressed, one of my biggest concerns was small business owners. Small mom and pop shops...dry cleaners, restaurants, bakeries, salons...small business owners are my people! And small, physical, brick and mortar businesses suffered big time. Many will never return.

But you know who didn't suffer? Online businesses...that is, businesses that were detached from a physical location...who could work from anywhere, who could serve their customers without the constraints or limitations of a physical location or physical distance.

So you know what? If you have strong ambitions to build, run, and grow a business...you shouldn't need any more evidence beyond the events we all witnessed in 2020 that online business is the way to go.

Yes, we will always need more traditional, physical businesses -- grocery stores, dry cleaners, and so on. But at the same time, one of the things that 2020 has taught us is this:

That anything that *CAN* be done online, including things like learning, one-on-one consultations, workgroup meetings, and so on, *WILL* be done online. It's clear as day: Online business is the future...and 2020 gave us the push over the edge that we needed.

So if you're a yoga instructor for example, think about how you might do that online. I can hear people now, "Well you can't do that online!" Great, you're dead in the water before you even got started! Seriously, use a bit of creativity.

Can you offer one-on-one custom coaching via Zoom? Could you put together a self-paced online course? Could you narrow down your market to, say, mom's who've had their first baby and want their pre-pregnancy body back? Get creative -- that's what you're being called to do!

Yes, it's hard work. Yes, it takes creativity and ingenuity. Yes, there are major obstacles in front of you that, if you haven't hit them yet, you will. Sounds positive, doesn't it?! But that's the truth. So don't expect everything to be easy sailing.

The way I look at all of this is like a set of tests or a series of trials that we have to overcome -- we're tested and thrown all sorts of challenges, problems, and obstacles to overcome to see just how committed we are.

So yeah I know 2020 has been crazy. It's been devastating for many. Life isn't fair and life isn't easy. But as small business owners we can take advantage of all these radical changes we're seeing, we can harness easy to use, readily available technology...

...and we can begin building an online business doing work that's fulfilling to us, that matters to the people we want to serve.

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