Why Is WP Engine So Expensive? Discover Why It’s More Than Just Hosting!

WP Engine is a very popular web hosting company with a solid reputation. They're a top choice for small business website hosting and e-commerce hosting. But, they may not be ideal for every business.

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WP Engine specializes in offering just one kind of web hosting: Premium Managed WordPress Hosting. This means that a team of WordPress experts looks after and manages your website for you, taking care of security, performance, and any technical details that may arise.

This makes WP Engine among the best WordPress business hosting services. Review WP Engine and you'll find their managed WordPress hosting is geared towards business owners and more experienced users.

So if you're a busy business owner who doesn't want to be bothered with day-to-day technical details of running your website, then WP Engine is a perfect fit.

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Here, WP Engine is all about performance, security, and management. They work hard to optimize their web servers so that your site runs as fast as possible. And, their team of experts are there to oversee that your site's well looked after.

However, this does mean that WP Engine has higher monthly costs than other hosting options. So they may not be suitable for every business website. But, what you're paying for is the aforementioned performance, security, and management.

If it's performance you want, it's performance you're gonna get! Within WP Engine's specialized hosting service, they offer four plans, Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom. Their cheapest hosting plan, Startup, starts at $35 per month.

That price tag might give you a bit of shock, especially considering some of the other, lower-cost business website web hosting options we've discussed. But remember, they're all about speed, performance, and management.

Further, each WP Engine plan comes with a free SSL certificate (a must for your business website), free CDN, daily website backups, and a few more extras too.

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