Why Is SEO Important In Digital Marketing? (What “Experts” Want To Keep SECRET!)

One of the many big benefits of using SEO to promote your online business and build an audience around your website and your work is this...

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All of this is about getting free, pre-qualified traffic pouring into your website and business day after day, month after month, for years and years!

It's about not having to rely on expensive online ads to bring leads into your website but instead to take full control of your online marketing efforts.

And so while you might be thinking that this stuff is too technical or too hard it really isn't.

Learn how to build your small business website!

Yes, there are some important concepts to understand In fact, if you use a lot of the tools and techniques I recommend for you then in just a short while, you'll be wondering what had you so hung up!

Yet at the same time, something that comes up is that getting your website found in Google can seem like some kind of Dark Art or Voodoo Magic, right? But here's the good news (and what SEO "guru experts" don't want you to know):

Google tells us exactly what we need to do to rank our websites, web pages, and product offers.

So, we have a clear set of guidelines to follow...steps that come directly from Google.

Other times, lots of people think SEO's way too competitive and that it isn't worthwhile to learn anymore.

After all, what do we hear about endlessly these days? Social media! Like, "Here's Why You're Missing Out On LinkedIn!" or "Here's 87 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers!" and "7 Reasons Why You're Losing Without Facebook...You Won't Believe #9!"...wait. What?!

It's a buncha nonsense! ...and I say this from experience. I'm hardly on any of these platforms anymore.

In fact a few years ago, Facebook changed their policies towards small business owners -- they are NO LONGER friendly to hard working business owners and website owners like you and I.

And further to this, let me ask you: When you have a problem, or are looking up product reviews, or doing some research on a big challenge or issue you're facing where do you go? Do you head to Instagram? Do you head over to Facebook to find answers?

...or do you head for Google and start searching?

See, while social media can play a role in your online marketing if you wish...it simply can't compete with SEO.

With social media, us online business owners aren't able to target specific keywords and attract pre-qualified traffic to our website.

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