Why Is Networking Important For Entrepreneurs (And How To Do It WRONG!)

Networking is such an overused term in business. Like, "you've gotta network!" "Wanna attend this networking event?" "you know, you've gotta build your network!" What does all of that even mean?

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Years ago I was at a business conference, and on the break, as people were mingling or doing whatever, I could see a few people making their way around the room handing out business cards. One of them approached me, shoved his business card into my hand and said, "I have what you need."

How did this total stranger know what I needed? Like, my fly wasn't down...I didn't have lunch on my face...was something else obviously telling the world what I needed so badly? No. Instead, he was just a hustler who was engrossed in "networking!"

Have you ever seen these people at different events? They run around passing out business cards to anyone who'll take one...without stoping to introduce themselves "Sorry, I can't stop and chat...I'm NETWORKING!" They might as well run around parking lots shoving flyers under windshield wipers.

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So as you might guess, I hate the word "networking." I hate it because everyone uses it, everyone thinks it's important, but nobody can clearly define it. Instead, we're all just supposed to actively "NETWORK!"

To me, networking shouldn't be something you intentionally set out to do. Instead of "networking" I think of it as "relationships." Who do I know? Who should I get to know better? See because we want to work with and spend time around people we like, right? And that's where relationships come in.

So, attend workshops, seminars, or events because you want to...not to have some kind of strategic intention. Be friendly, genuine, and authentic. Get to know people and let things develop naturally and organically. Focus on being genuine and on asking yourself, "how can I help this person" and your "network" will grow itself.

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