Why Is My Website Running So Slow – Fix The 3 BIGGEST Culprits!

You'll want to make sure that your website is always running fast and performing well for your visitors, right? And to ensure that everything's running fast 'n lean for you, there are three big culprits that can slow things down on your website.

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First, and usually the number one cause for a slow running site is -- believe it or not -- images. Images that are sized incorrectly, that are too large for the web, that are even saved using the wrong graphic file format, can really bog things down.

In web design, properly setting up and formatting all your images and graphics is called "image optimization." Here, you'll want to make sure you're using the right web-friendly graphic file format for the kind of image you have...plus you want to make sure that your image is sized correctly.

What this means is, the dimensions of the area that your graphic will fill on your page is the same as the image's dimensions. A lot of times, images that are way, way too big are trying to load into much smaller areas...which totally slows down page load time.

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Another culprit of a slow-running website is your web server. Oftentimes, budget web hosting simply doesn't have the horsepower to ensure pages and websites load fast.

Going with higher quality hosting -- like the web hosts I recommend (check your Show Notes below for recommendations) -- ensures that everything on your web server's side is gonna be running fast n' lean.

One other issue that can slow things down is physical distance. That is, the geographic distance between wherever your website server is located and where your visitors are coming from.

So if your web server is located in Europe for example, and the majority of your visitors are coming from the US, the physical distance between the two can slow things down.

A solid solution here, to ensure that all visitors from all over the world have fast load times for your website, is to make use of something called a CDN.

This is short for Content Delivery Network...and the short version is, copies of your website are stored on web servers all across the world, serving more localized visitors. Many web hosts (including the ones I recommend) offer a CDN as an add-on, so it's definitely worth looking into.

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