Why Is Good Customer Service Important? (Secret Ingredient Most MISS!)

Why is good customer service important? This is one question that seems to come up a lot. And what's interesting is, when you and I are in the role of customer -- when we're buying something from someone else's business -- we of course want to be treated well. We want our concerns or any problems that arise to be handled quickly. We want great customer service, right? But when the roles are reversed and we're serving our customers, very often business owners let their customer service slip. Maybe it's seen as a hassle or that it takes us away from doing other, more profitable and productive work. And really, many, many business owners don't understand or recognize why customer service is so important...or understand that really, great customer service is actually a function of their marketing. So here, let's dig into all this and uncover some answers to "why is good customer service important?"

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