Why Is Business So (FREAKIN’) Complicated?! (Let’s Get Clarity!)

If it means freedom, then why does online business feel so confusing and overwhelming?! I mean, it seems like business is made out to be this complex, confusing mess, ya know? But at the same time, thoughts of being your own boss, doing meaningful work, and being in complete control of your time...well, that's highly motivating stuff! So here, you and I are going to untangle all this mess and I'll show you how you can totally simplify and clarify business.

Show Notes

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Geoff Blake, Ten Ton Online

Hey there, I’m Geoff! Business, marketing, and the web can seem like a tangled, confusing mess, right? Well if you wanna get clear, straight info on all this stuff (no gimmicks or hypey nonsense)...then you're definitely in the right spot! Start here (free!)