Why Did You Decide To Start Your Own Business? Important To Keep Perspective!

What attracts entrepreneurs -- especially young entrepreneurs -- to business is the lifestyle. You know, getting rich, exotic cars, and bikini model girlfriends. But there's a big, fat, hairy, knarly problem with this. And here it is...

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The problem with this is, it puts all the focus and attention on the end result -- the money, the cars, the exotic vacations, right? Absolutely NO emphasis or attention is put on what it's going to take to get there...

...other than some guru trying to sell you their "easy, turn-key blueprint to instant riches," right?

Here's the truth: Nobody cares that you want to be rich or go on cool vacations or have a giant house...because they want all that stuff, too! And everyone's busy with their head down trying to get this stuff and they aren't interested in you or what you want.

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Now listen, there's nothing wrong with cool cars, big houses, or awesome vacations -- that stuff's fun and adventurous and exciting, right? So long as these things don't define who we are as a person, there's nothing wrong with 'em.

But also, it's important to keep perspective. Here's what these things really are: They're rewards for a job well done. They're a gold star sticker on the colouring page that is your online business -- Good job! -- that's it. Hey, they're fun and cool, but that's about all.

Really, these sorts of prizes and trophies are the incentive us entrepreneurs need to go through all the ridiculous things we do. Imagine the Olympics with no medals or winners. Imagine the playoffs where all the teams win in a tie.

Where's the incentive? Where's the motivation to work hard and overcome barriers, obstacles, and your own limitations? What non-entrepreneurs and non-business owners often don't understand is that it isn't about greed or anything like that.

Instead, it's very often about freedom. It's about not having to do work you despise. It's about looking at your calendar, seeing a lot of whitespace and going, "what do I feel like working on this week?"

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