Why Customers Aren’t Buying – Top Reasons WHY!

If you're struggling to make sales in your online business, there can only be one of four reasons why. First, sales could be low or flat altogether because the people you're putting your product or service offer in front of aren't interested in what you're selling.

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Maybe they don't see the value or understand the value...or maybe they don't have the problem that your offer promises to solve. One of the most critical things in any kind of business is to get whatever it is you're offering in front of the RIGHT kinds of people.

This is why market research and really digging deep to understand your target audience, their needs, problems, and specialized interests are...is so crucial. And yet, it's often ignored, overlooked, or simply misunderstood.

Many people who are new to business struggle badly because they don't understand or see the value in deep, effective, and thorough market research.

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Another reason why sales might be flat is because, while you might be getting your offer in front of the right kinds of people, the timing may just not be right. They like your offer, they understand the value, they like you and trust you...but the timing's just off.

Maybe they just got laid off, maybe they're facing a major house repair, or maybe they simply don't have the money...I mean, we've all been there before, right? And so this could be another reason that prevents people from buying your product or service.

Next, you could be struggling to get sales if you haven't done a solid, thorough job establishing trust and credibility. Stated directly, they don't trust you. And trust is one of several critical pre-requisites to any sale.

Your potential customer has to trust you and believe that what you're saying, and the promises that your product or service are making, are ACTUALLY true. Why? Well it should be obvious: They don't want to make a buying mistake.

They don't want to risk losing their money and having to start their search for a solution all over again. And so, they hesitate. And in their hesitation, they're looking for reasons to both trust you and distrust you.

They're trying to prod and poke holes to see if your product or service will hold up. Always remember, without trust a sale cannot happen. A fourth reason why potential customers aren't buying is that they believe, for whatever reason, that your product or service won't work for THEM.

So, you've done a great job of getting your offer in front of the right people. And, you've worked hard to establish trust, credibility, likability, and you've demonstrated that whatever it is that you're offering can get them results.

Great. However, for whatever reason, your potential customer doesn't believe that it'll work for THEIR unique situation or that it won't meet their specific needs.

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