Why Copywriting Is Important-Drive Profits With These BIG Distinctions!

Why is copywriting important? This is something that gets asked every so often. In fact, lots of folks aren't even really clear on what copywriting is, exactly...but they know it's important! So, let's take a closer look at all this and find out why copywriting is so important.

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Alright, now on to "why copywriting is important." Copywriting is one of those things that I think trips up a lot of people. Really though, it boils down to your business's messaging.

Often referred to as salesmanship in print, copywriting is an art and a skill unto itself...and really, it's all about articulating messages that are already rolling around in the minds of the people you want to attract to your business.

Lemme lay this on ya: You or I, sitting at our desk, can't come up with compelling words or phrases on our own that come even remotely close to the phrases and jargon our target audience uses.

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So rather than trying to come up with something from scratch that we think is unique and clever and compelling, instead, there's a much easier path...

...all we have to do is conduct some market research. All we have to do is *listen* to our audience and to the market we want to serve...

...all we have to do is look for and listen to the words, phrases, and terms that our audience uses when they talk about their challenges and problems, when they talk to each other, or when they're describing what they're wrestling with.

What words do they use when they describe their dreams, their problems, their hopes, and their fears?

Let me give you an example: A long while back when I was doing some market research, I discovered all sorts of terms and phrases that my audience uses -- stuff that I wouldn't have thought of in a million years.

For example, if I were to refer to "making a plan" or "creating a strategy," my target audience uses phrases like, "find the right path," "do it the right way," or "mapping out the process."

I never would have thought of using these phrases myself...sitting alone in my home office, staring at the ceiling! Or here's another example...

If I were to say "well designed" (say as in, a well designed website) my audience might say "modern looking," "making it attractive," or even wanting their website to "look pretty."

Again, never in a million years would I have thought of these on my own. I would have remained oblivious to these and other words and phrases had I not done a metric ton of market research.

So to at least get you started on the right foot with the copywriting that you'll use on your product pages, in your emails and in your offers, all you need to do is scan through the information you collected during your market research...

...and simply look for phrases and jargon they use when they're describing things. So it's sort of like translating from one language -- your language -- to their language...

"Oh, so when they say _____, what they're talking about is ______."

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