Why Are People Unsubscribing From Emails? (Here’s What To Do)

Don't worry about people who unsubscribe from your email list. Let them go. Very likely, they were never going to buy from you anyway. So why not make room for others who will?

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See early on, when we first get started with email marketing, seeing an "unsubscribe" is like a tiny dagger in the heart, right? But really, when people unsubscribe from your list...it's is a GOOD THING. Here's why:

You can't serve "everyone." "Everyone" is way too many people. Instead, you can only serve a very small group of people. How many people? Well, 1000 customers spending $100 a year on your products and services is a pretty nice living for most people (assuming you can keep your operating costs nice 'n low).

You can fiddle with and tweak the numbers if you like, but the bottom line is, I'll bet you need way fewer customers than you think you do. For yourself, maybe it's 2000 or maybe 5000 or maybe 500. Whatever it is, it's way, way less than "everyone."

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So whatever number you arrive at, imagine you're in an auditorium that only has that many seats. Why would you fill half the seats with people who aren't interested in your pain-solving products and services?

They're never going to buy from you, and yet they're taking up valuable seats. There's a line-up of people out your front door who DO value what you do! Let the people who want to leave leave. And let others who want to come in come in.

So in fact, you want to dissuade or even repel people that you can't help. The best way to have fun and run a fulfilling business is to attract the right kinds of people (the people you WANT to work with) and repel everyone else...including problem, hassle, nightmare customers.

If you aren't having fun and not enjoying your business, then you're attracting the wrong kinds of people.

People who unsubscribe are either freeloaders who are totally turned off when you ask them to spend money (and they're never gonna buy from you anyway) or they aren't the right fit for your business and products.

Here's another way of thinking about it: People who unsubscribe from your mailing list aren't in your target audience. They're voluntarily showing themselves out.

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