What’s Important To Know About SEO – Get Clear, Key Insights!

Alright, while your initial thinking might be, "I want my site to show up in Google," understand that this is the goal of every other website and online business owner, too. What we need to do is refine things.

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You can't just "show up" in Google unless you're providing content that matches what people are searching for, right? And the competition for certain keyphrases is fierce, which is why it's important to narrow your focus down to a much more targeted audience.

Also know that applying a solid SEO strategy to your business takes time. Because Google and other search engines have to crawl through so much content, index it all, and then sort it all out in giant databases, you won't see results quickly. SEO is playing the long game. Patience is mandatory.

How long will your content take to appear in search engines? Weeks and weeks. Maybe months. No joke. And I think it's important for you to know this up front. That way, you're completely clear on what you're signing yourself up for.

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None of this is easy. If anyone's told you it is, they're being fraudulent. But it's all definitely worthwhile -- that's the key. That's the silver lining. I've said this in other posts and I'll say it again: We're running a marathon, not a race.

Now with all this said, a word of caution: I strongly advise against hiring someone to handle your SEO for you. The "SEO marketers industry" (if we can call it that) is loaded full of hustlers, former used car salesmen, and failed politicians -- at least, that's been my experience.

Not a week goes by where I don't get at least four or five emails from "SEO experts" promising big results for me, my website, and my online business. Thing is, I'm doing just fine with my SEO...better than fine, in fact.

See, once you know the fundamentals and develop a simple strategy, you discover that SEO is a straightforward task that you're more than capable of handling yourself.

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