What Web Hosting Features Do I Need? Clear The Confusion and ZERO In!

Have you ever researched web hosting options and features? Often times you see things like "Unlimited Subdomains," "SHH Access," "SEO Credits," and all sorts of other technical jargon and mumbo jumbo.

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I really wonder if all this stuff is meant to confuse us and scramble our brains...just like when you go shopping for a new car or start researching a new cellphone plan. What a mess of jargon and junk!

Really, as a website and online business owner, there are just three simple things you need most from your web hosting company: And they are, solid reliability and security; fast, helpful customer service; and fair pricing. That's really it.

And what's great is, the hosting recommendations I make to my students offer these in spades. Now there are some techie-sounding web hosting add-ons that can be useful for you and your website. For instance, when you're researching hosting you might see a feature called "Unlimited MySQL Databases" (or something similar).

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Sounds pretty techie, doesn't it? Well here's what this means: If you're using a web platform like WordPress -- which I hope you are! WordPress is amazing -- then it relies on this thing called a MySQL Database.

If a host says that their plans come with "Unlimited MySQL Databases" then that means that you can run multiple WordPress installations on your account. So what does this really mean?

It means that you can run several websites side-by-side. Maybe you have a few online businesses that you want to run...well, you can run them all from a single hosting plan -- there's no need to run each website on a separate hosting account. This alone will save you tons of money!

Next, you might see something like, "Free Website Transfer," or "Free Website Migration." What this means is, the hosting company will move your website from your existing host to them at no cost.

And while you can move your website yourself if you like, it's always nice to have the professionals do it for you. It's a nice extra to have. Here's another web hosting add-on that's important to have:

You may see something like "Free SSL," or "SSL Add-On Included." Without getting into the technical stuff, SSL creates a security certificate for your website. You'll know if a website is secure if you see the tiny padlock icon in your web browser's address bar.

This means that any information sent between the web browser and the website is encrypted...and this is critical for business websites -- especially those that are accepting payments online.

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