What To Use Instead Of Social Media? Leverage This POWERFUL Marketing Tool

Social media is noisy, intense, fast-paced, and users of these platforms have short attention spans. When you post on any given social media platform, you're hoping that you'll wind up in front of your follower's eyeballs.

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But with such a fast pace and feeds constantly getting filled from the top, it only takes a few seconds for your posts to get buried. So what's the alternative? How are you supposed to build an audience around your online business and the work that you do?

Online advertising's an option if you have deep pockets and the patience to figure out how it all works...or there's another alternative that comes at a very, very low cost and allows you to connect directly, practically one-on-one with your audience.

Maybe you know about it already or maybe it'll kinda catch you off guard: Email. Yes, good old fashioned plain old email. The first huge benefit email has over all other forms of online marketing is that when someone subscribes to your list, they're saying...

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"Send me great stuff. I like what you do and I may want to buy." That's huge. That's way, way more powerful than someone half-heartedly clicking "like" or "follow" on social media. With email, there's a much closer relationship.

If you land in someone's inbox, it's because you've been invited in -- they're choosing to let you in there. And people's inbox is a pretty private, intimate place. And we protect this space, don't we?

We don't want other people seeing our inbox -- I don't want people to know that I'm a member of the "Bacon Of The Month Club," or that I subscribe to Aaron Carter's newsletter or that I just sold my entire collection of Nickelback Bobbleheads on ebay! That's private stuff!

And you're the same way too, right? Well guess what? So are your subscribers...and they're inviting you into this private, personal space. This is a totally different relationship than someone who follows you on social.

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