What The OPPORTUNITY The Internet’s Offering – The Gatekeepers Are DEAD!

Prior to the internet, if you're old enough to remember, gatekeepers like record labels, news outlets, colleges and universities, book publishers, and so on decided who got published (and who could have a career) and who was condemned to obscurity.

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They dictated culture. Our tastes in film, music, and art...our choice of news outlets, dish soap, and even our career options were all curated for us by a handful of corporate rulers at the top.

But'cha know what? The internet's undoing it all. The internet's crushing the power structures that were established during the Industrial Revolution. You only have to look at the gutting of retail, mainstream television ratings, and the crumbling standards in academia to see that.

And you know what? And let 'em crumble! Our choices were far too limited before. And compared to what's available to us now, their products are junk! Low quality, one-size-fits-all, watered down, mainstream junk.

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As Consumers (which we all are) we already know what this means. It means we now have more choice and better quality products than ever before. We don't have to settle for generic, one-size-fits-all products and services. We don't have to settle for homogenized, mass-market music, news, or entertainment.

Instead, we can find specific, unique, and tailored products, services, and content that's perfectly made for people just like us. Some of my favourite music, shows, and other entertainment most people have never even heard of...and that's amazing! We can find and discover the exact things we want!

But wait...as an online business owner, why do you care about this? Because Consumers are your customers. Like you and I, they have unlimited choice too. So why should they buy from you when they can get it somewhere else? Now we're getting somewhere interesting!

See, the internet means great things for Consumers, but it also means great things for Producers too -- those of us who seek to build and run their own online business doing work that they enjoy doing. What all this means for folks like us is, we don't need permission.

We don't have to audition, get accepted, or get the rubber stamp of approval from some dinosaur gatekeeper. Instead, we can reach our audience directly. After all, that's what the internet is -- a giant distribution network.

So now, we audition, get accepted, and get the rubber stamp of approval from the people who REALLY matter -- the audience of people we seek to serve and help with our online business!

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