What Really Makes Customers Buy A Product? SIMPLER Than You Think!

You cannot force anyone to buy your products or services anymore than someone else forcing you to buy theirs. As online business owners, marketers, and creators, we cannot use force. Forceful, heavy-handed sales tactics go NO WHERE. How do you respond when someone starts hammering you with a heavy sales pitch?

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If you're like most people, you're instantly repelled. See here's the funny thing: People actually WANT to buy things. We love to buy stuff. Buying stuff is fun! In fact, just this morning over coffee at my kitchen table I bought an art book...just for fun.

One of my favourite movies of all time is Aliens, and it's a marine technical manual. Now, who sold me on that book? Who convinced me to buy? Think of the last thing you bought.

Was it a book too? Or maybe it was The Best Of Celine Dion Las Vegas or maybe it was just a coffee -- who knows! Who sold you on that? Did some sleazy salesperson get in your face and hammer you into submission until you finally said "yes?"

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Highly unlikely! We despise being "sold" to, don't we? But we love to buy. So who "sold" us on our last purchase -- for you it was The Best Of Celine Dion Las Vegas and I don't know why...that's totally embarrassing!

Well here's the thing...it wasn't an online business that sold us...and it wasn't a pushy salesperson either. Instead, WE sold us. Think about it: You had the idea to buy this thing, and you rolled it around in your head for a bit.

And if it was a higher-priced item, maybe this took some time because you wanted to do some research and read reviews first. Or if it was just a coffee, it was probably a very quick decision. Nevertheless, the sale took place in your head. YOU sold you.

There was a moment when it "clicked" and a buying decision was made. So let's flip this around and apply it to your online business. Again, you can't push anyone to buy from you. Your audience gets to decide for themselves if they become "customer" or remain "potential customer."

The choice is ultimately up to them. All we can do on our side is do our best by telling them about the benefits our product or service provides, the great results they'll get, and to gently remind them about our offer again and again. That's about it.

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