What Money Is In Simple Terms: Clarity On What Money Represents

Don't get me wrong...money's important. Money's vital. But it isn't a cure-all. Really, what money represents at it's core is security. So keep this in mind when a customer buys your product or service. When someone buys from you, they're saying, "I trust you. I believe you when you tell me that your product or service will fix my problem"...and then they give away some of their security to you.

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That's a heavy responsibility...a calling to always do the right thing, the fair thing...not not cheat, steal, or lie your customers out of their security.

And when your business begins getting sales, that represents your security. it means you can do business again tomorrow, and maybe the day after that, and the day after that.

But it's important to clearly understand that money has limits and that it isn't all about the money. Money can only solve money-related problems...nothing more. It can't give you work you care about.

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It can't provide for you a fulfilling business or an audience who you love to help and serve day after day. Money can't do those things.

That's why it's so puzzling to see so many people chasing dollars...chasing trends, banking on the next hot market or social media platform that's set to explode...or getting an expensive degree with the hopes of one day getting a high-paying job.

To me, what's so magical about business -- specifically online business -- is that if we set things up right, we can do work that we care about, for the sorts of people we want to serve, and we can provide for ourselves and our families in the process.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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