What Makes Customers Buy? Secret Psychology Exposed!

There's no such thing as an accidental sale. Every customer intentionally, voluntarily, and freely chooses to buy your product or service. Knowing this, it's important to ask, why should someone buy from you instead of someone else? What are you offering that no one else can? -- Are you offering something that customers can't get anywhere else?

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If not...that might be why you're having a tough time making sales.

In order to stand out, in order to get picked over other vendors in your market, you must have some kind of competitive advantage.

And truthfully, competitive advantages are usually created out of thin air -- you decide to be the fastest, the highest quality, the most in-depth, the quick 'n easiest, the lowest cost, the most premium option, the most customizable...and on and on and on.

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While it might seem scary to narrow down and specialize -- because it means you're appealing to fewer customers -- actually the opposite is true -- now you stand for something! And when you stand for something, you stand out.

When you don't stand for anything...when anyone and everyone is your target customer...you wind up being anything to anyone...beige, ordinary, plain...just like most other vendors in your market.

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