What Is The 1000 True Fans Theory?

There's an article online that I think you should read. It's one of just a few key, cornerstone articles that forms the philosophy of the modern web, how to build an engaged audience online, and marketing yourself online.

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It's called "1000 True Fans" and it's written by Kevin Kelly. After this video, I think you should Google it and find it, print it, and read it at least 3 times in a row -- it's THAT important!

But first, what the heck is a "True Fan?" Well, your True Fans are your true, die-hard fans. People who love what you do, who totally "get it," who follow your work and buy many of yoru products and services.

They're so die-hard, they love your work so much, that they tell their friends, co-workers, and family about you...they post about you on social media...and really, they become your advocates and even your marketing army.

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As Kevin Kelly outlines in his article, you can assume that a true, die-hard fan will spend about one day's wages per year on whatever it is that you sell.

So for instance, if each of your true, die-hard fans spent about $100 a year on whatever it is that you sell, then the question becomes, "How many true, die hard fans do you need to earn a nice living?"

Kevin Kelly tells us that we only need about 1000 people.. out of the 4.5 billion people online...to support our work. 1000 people is NOT that many! That's a teeny tiny town!

And simple math tells us that with 1000 of them spending about $100 a year on our products and services, that works out to around $100,000 per year -- a pretty nice living for most people.

Now as exciting as all this sounds, a quick word of caution: Don't get too hung up on the actual numbers. The number of True Fans you'd need to support your work depends on the market you're in, the products you sell, and of course, the effectiveness of your marketing.

Maybe for your online business, you only need 500 True Fans. Or, maybe you need 2000. Don't get too hung up on the actual numbers. The point here is this: The number of customers you need to run a successful online business is very likely far, far less than you think!

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