What Is A Target Audience, Exactly? (Why It’s SO Important!)

A quick word of caution: Don't make the mistake of settling on a big, broad audience for your online business. "Everybody" is too broad an audience. "Everybody" is too many people. "Everybody" isn't specific enough. We've gotta narrow things down.

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So if I asked you, "Who SPECIFICALLY does your business serve?" You've gotta have an immediate answer. "Long-distance runners who suffer from chronic foot pain," "Folks in the Pennsylvania area who constantly have wet basements," "Local business owners who want to increase traffic to their websites."

Now as business owners, we don't want to get too specific. Specific is scary because it means excluding other people, right? If we say, "People in Pennsylvania..." that means we're excluding folks in Ohio or New York state, right? Well actually, no, it doesn't. We aren't excluding anyone.

Instead what we're doing is we're saying, "These people, and people like them." Let me ask you: Have you ever been in a specialty store you really didn't belong in? I find myself begrudgingly getting dragged into this urban skateboard shop every once in a while...they've always taken my money.

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If you specialized in helping long-distance runners who have chronic foot pain, would you turn away someone who only does short-distance running? Would you turn away an Olympic wrestler? How about a just a regular person who happens to have foot pain? You wouldn't turn any of these people away, would you?

So by identifying your core target audience, you aren't excluding anyone. Instead, you're defining your "tip of the spear"...and of course, this is what you'll use in your branding and your marketing to create contrast and differentiation in your market.

Your only other option is to be just like every other business...beige, boring, and indistinguishable from all others.

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