What Is A Brand In Business? Defined SIMPLY!

What is a "brand?" Ask ten expert designers, and you'll get ten different answers. But here's how to of it: Everything tells a story. Everything. Everything gives off a "vibe" or a feeling and communicates a message.

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How people dress, the cars they drive, the colour of your bathroom, the fonts you choose for your website...these things give off a feeling and communicate a message. Even this video, the background I use, the way I dress, the way I speak and use my voice all communicate to you various messages, right?

Or imagine you and I were going to meet for coffee. And imagine I pulled up in a dirty old rusted out pickup truck, that sends you a different message than if I pull up in a shiny new Rolls Royce Phantom, doesn't it?

Or, ever walk into a store or office that felt welcoming and made you feel good? Positive vibes, right? And the opposite is true too -- ever accidentally turn down a wrong alley or walk into a depressing government office? Bad, depressing vibes, man.

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My accountant used to have her office in a building that should have been condemned in a part of town that'd be mistaken for a demilitarized zone. Great accountant, but bad vibes...and bad persuasion.

So that's really what "branding" is -- it's the feeling, it's the non-verbal messages that are being sent by things like the colours we choose to use on our website and in our marketing materials, the types of imagery, even the fonts we use -- they're all communicating something.

So I think it's important to be at least somewhat aware of this stuff -- that branding relates to how people feel about your business. Branding isn't going to make or break your business, but good branding goes a long way.

Most business owners are unconscious about this stuff and wind up looking generic and just like everyone else. But those who consciously make choices about how they present their business to the world stand out. And in business, you don't want to be generic, you want contrast. And that can be done through branding.

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