What Are The Most Important Factors In A Digital Marketing Campaign? BIG Answers!

You know what your customers and your audience wants? They want to relate to you. They want to see a little bit of themselves in you. This doesn't mean that you should change the way you act or behave in a disingenuous way.

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Instead what I mean is, we're attracted to people like ourselves...likeminded people or people who share similar values and beliefs...or people who have gone through similar experience or overcome the kinds of problems and challenges we currently face.

This is where empathy for your audience and your customers comes into play. It's important -- in an honest and ethical way, don't forget -- to empathize with them. "Hey, I know what that feels like. I remember being there. Let's fix it. Let me show you how." -- that sort of thing.

Empathy is incredibly powerful for your online business. That's because when we're hurting, when we have a big, painful, annoying...what we want most is a guide -- someone who'll lead us to a solution that'll make this complicated mess go away and get us to the result we so badly want.

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And guess what? Your audience is EXACTLY the same way. They don't want to be sold to (although they'll likely be interested in buying). They don't want to be hammered with in-your-face marketing messages and bombarded with your advertisements.

Instead, they want your help. Hey...they're drowning right now. They're going under for the third time. They really aren't interested in the space-age construction of the life preserver you have in your hands.

They really aren't interested in hearing case studies about how your life preserver has helped others. Are you going to rescue them and pull them to safety or not?

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