What Activities Are Involved In Offering The Products Customers Want? – 3 Key Parts!

Think of someone who's work you really like. Someone who you're totally into. It could be a band or musician, a creator of some kind, an author, or whoever. Got one? Okay...

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Now if they sent you an email telling you that they've released a new product, then right away, what would you want to know? Well first, you'd want to know what it was, right? That makes sense.

Is it a new book? A new album? An app? A piece of memorabilia? What is it? Next, you'd want to know what you get. In other words, what will this new product give you...or what result will it help you get for yourself? This is the product's big promise.

Now if you're still interested in the product...if you know what it is and you know what it's promising you...then the last thing you'd want to know is of course how much it costs. So, what's the price, and maybe, are there any pricing options available...like different tiers.

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That's really it it. From here, you might have further questions or you might want to know some other things about the product. Like if it's a book or online course, what's covered? What's included?

What are all the benefits? Is there a moneyback guarantee? Are there any reviews -- what do other people think about it? How long is it? What format is it available in? ...and so on.

So what's the point of all this? Well as an online business owner, it's sometimes difficult to see things from your audience's perspective. But it's automatic when you're in the role of customer, isn't it?

So what we need to do is turn things around and have empathy for our potential customer and imagine we're in their shoes, looking at what we're offering them.

Tell your audience these three key pieces of information right away -- again, what is it, the product's big promise, and the cost. Don't make your potential customers work for something that they don't know if they want or not.

You're expecting too much of people if you expect them to dig for these three simple pieces of information.

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