Unfair Advantages In Business (Leverage EVERYTHING Ya Got!)

So I asked my martial arts Sensei, "Sensei, if I find myself in a dark alley, you know getting chased by a guy, how do I defend myself?" Deadpan, he says, "Hit them in the head with a brick you moron!"

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"What?! Hit them with a brick?! What about all the stuff we're learning, all this kata and stuff?" He goes, "This is a dirty street fight. You're life's on the line...this isn't the Olympics! There are no rules. Leverage every unfair advantage you possibly can...including bricks."

I was stunned...but the lesson stuck! And military tactics are the same -- "We're going to engage the enemy on our terms, when we have the advantage, where it'll be a completely unfair fight."

And you know what? The same holds true in your business, too. Here, you have to leverage every unfair advantage you possibly can...so long as it's ethical and legal, of course.

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So what are some unfair advantages you have? Starting with your existing knowledge, skills, and abilities is a great place to begin. How about any knowledge, skill, or information you COULD gather up if you needed to? That's a great next step.

How about any unique technologies, methods, systems, or approaches you've developed? You can definitely leverage those in your online business, too. Here are some others to think about:

Mental focus -- that is, being able to do a single thing, uninterrupted, for prolonged periods of time, without stopping. Do you know how few people can actually get themselves to do this? It's ridiculous! Or how's about this one: Work ethic -- simply being able to grind harder and outwork everyone else?

You know I hate to say it, but I've had plenty of conversations with business professionals and business experts who simply cannot find good help these days. The threshold for "hard work" is so low that it's a joke. For many, actually showing up for work is a miracle.

My point here is this: If you have a solid work ethic or if you can get yourself to develop it, you can run laps around everyone else. The competition is near zero...cuz "oh my gawd, that's harrrrd!"

What are some other unfair advantages? I mean, we could keep going forever...developing a strong uniqueness, building a solid reputation, reading the right kind of books constantly (the stats on reading habits are absolutely abysmal; having strong reading habits is a superpower)...I mean, the list goes on.

So, take a look at whatcha got, whatcha need, and leverage every single unfair advantage you have.

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