Understanding Bitcoin: Navigating The Divide To History’s Next Great Era, by Geoff Blake

“What is bitcoin?” ...And why is it so difficult to fully understand?

The truth is, most people have no freakin' clue what bitcoin really is...and even more importantly, what it means for you!

If bitcoin seems confusing and technical, but also intriguing and exciting, then...

...you're not alone! Over the past several years, bitcoin's been making waves and headlines (and millionaires!) around the world.

But just what the heck is bitcoin? How does it work? And maybe most importantly, why should we care? In Understanding Bitcoin, you'll be lead through a clear, non-techincal journey to not only wrap your head around bitcoin...

...but also get a sense of where things are headed. And that's because while bitcoin might be getting all the attention...the main event is something much, much bigger!

Introducing Understanding Bitcoin!

Understanding Bitcoin: Navigating The Divide To History’s Next Great Era, by Geoff Blake

Navigating The Divide To History's Next Great Era!

Every so often, a new technology comes along...and completely changes everything. The explosion of the internet in the past twenty-so years is a great example of this.

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, we're on the threshold of yet another incredible technological revolution. And while bitcoin is certainly a part of some of the great changes ahead, it's really only just one part of a much larger story that's already begun!

In Understanding Bitcoin, you'll not only get a handle on exactly what bitcoin is, how it works, and what it means for the world, but you'll also gain a much broader understanding of groundbreaking technologies that are set to turn the world upside down!

In this conscise book, you'll...

  • Discover what black swan technologies are and how they completely upend the status quo, economies, and even the world!
  • Gather up the puzzle pieces to get a complete and comprehensive understanding of exactly what bitcoin is, how it works, and what it means for you!
  • See exactly how bitcoin works on a fundamental level, get introduced to top industry tools and services, and learn how to buy and exchange your very first crypto!
  • Get answers to the most common questions and objections about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!
  • Take a look into the future and just what the coming years might look like!

Anyone, regardless of their technical skills, can learn about bitcoin...

...and Understanding Bitcoin is your clear, plain-English guide to get started!

Here's what you'll get in Understanding Bitcoin...

A solid grasp on exactly what bitcoin is!

In order to fully understand bitcoin, we'll need to connect together a few other topics first. Once these pieces are in place, everything starts to make sense!

  • Get bitcoin and cryptocurrencies simplified, so you can take your first steps into a whole new world!
  • Clear up the jumble and confusion — eliminate the info-overload!
  • Get a clear, logical, well organized path to follow!
  • Non-techncial! A perfect fit no matter what your background or technical skill!
Understanding Bitcoin pulls together various topics to help you fully understand what bitcoin and blockchain are really all about!
Understanding Bitcoin reveals the least interesting thing about bitcoin...and what REALLY matters!

Discover the least interesting aspect of bitcoin!

Find out why what most people focus on with bitcoin is absolutely irrelevant...especially in the short term!

  • Gain a solid understanding of bitcoin's primary purpose and the major problems that it solves for regular, hard working people all over the world!
  • Get a clear understanding of what blockchain is, how it works, and how it's set to change everything!
  • Discover how bitcoin is much, much more than just a digital currency or a way to make "fast easy money!"

Look into the past to see where we're going!

Discover how the rapid changes we're living through have happened before, and how savvy and smart people profit in times of upheaval!

  • Explore the long-term ramifications of technology, blockchain, the internet, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies!
  • Realize how we're in the final stages of the Industrial Era, and how new technologies will reshape our world!
  • Get actionable steps and strategies for protecting your purchasing power now...and in the years ahead!
  • Learn about history's four repeating cycles, which one we're in, and what's on the way!
Understanding Bitcoin explores the long-term possibilities that bitcoin and blockchain promise!

I know bitcoin seems complicated...but it doesn't have to be!

About Geoff Blake

On the one hand, all this bitcoin and cryptocurrency stuff is crazy-fascinating and totally interesting...

...but on the other hand, it can feel totally overwhelming, and way too technical, right?

It doesn't take too long to hit information overload!

That's why I carefully put together Understanding Bitcoin. This conscise book takes a clear, simple approach to help folks get started on their bitcoin journey...

...so let's get started on yours!

I had a huge concern before purchasing Understanding Bitcoin: With such a complex topic, where would I find the time to read this book? Further, I was worried that for someone like myself with with little technical background, that it was going to be a particularly steep learning curve.

But I got swept up in the journey the book took me on. There's just so much to chew and digest -- there's a lot of things to think about, including the significance of this blockchain technology and how and why it's going to revolutionize everything.

I really liked that Geoff gave some historical context about money, too. It's a fascinating topic for sure.

When I got to the end of Understanding Bitcoin, I immediately wanted to go back to the beginning and re-read it again. And then maybe again!

An aside - the purchasing process is very easy and quick, you can be reading it within seconds of getting your book, which is great."

Liz, Manchester

Table Of Contents

Here's what you'll get in Understanding Bitcoin...

  1. Start Here!
  2. Part I: The Groundwork

  3. Chapter 1: Why Money Matters
  4. Chapter 2: The Characteristics Of Money
  5. Chapter 3: Our Current Monetary System
  6. Chapter 4: Black Swan Disruptive Technologies
  7. Chapter 5: Internet Protocol Basics
  8. Chapter 6: Blockchain Fundamentals
  9. Part II: Introducing Bitcoin

  10. Chapter 7: Getting Introduced To Bitcoin
  11. Chapter 8: Gold, Perfected
  12. Chapter 9: How Bitcoin Works
  13. Chapter 10: How To Get Started With Bitcoin
  14. Chapter 11: Common Objections And Frequent Questions

Part III: What Happens Next

  1. Chapter 12: What’s Happening Right Now
  2. Chapter 13: Short Term Crisis
  3. Chapter 14: Long Term Prosperity
  4. Chapter 15: First, A Fourth Turning
  5. Wrapping Up

What's Inside!

"This is your opportunity. Here’s your life raft to get out of this mess. What’s happening is, a parallel financial system which is even more than a financial system — it’s the architecture of the world — is being built. There’s a new Promised Land, and people are migrating across at unbelievable speed. It’s the discovery of America all over again. And it sounds hyperbolic, but it’s not. I think it’s going to be the largest re-distribution of wealth in all recorded history in the shortest period of time."

Raoul Pal (CEO, Real Vision)

Understanding Bitcoin Is All About One Thing...

Understanding Bitcoin: Navigating The Divide To History’s Next Great Era, by Geoff Blake

...and that is, non-technical! See, practically all books about this stuff are complex, techie, and difficult to follow.

The truth is, when bitcoin and blockchian are explained simply and clearly, the whole thing is actually...totally straightforward!

So here's what we'll do:

In the first part of Understanding Bitcoin, we'll gather up some important puzzle pieces that are crucial to getting a clear understanding of what bitcoin is and what it means.

With this groundwork laid, we can then move into bitcoin itself — what it is and how it works. So here, we’ll get hands-on so you can see exactly how you can get started with bitcoin for yourself.

Finally, we'll take a look at where all of this is headed. Specifically, we look at the ramifications of bitcoin and blockchain technology to try to get a sense of what things might look like in the coming years.

No technical jargon, fluff, or useless filler — guaranteed!

Sound like a plan?

Now you might be wondering...

(Here are some common questions about Understanding Bitcoin...)

"What format is Understanding Bitcoin available in? Can I read it on my tablet or Kindle?"

Understanding Bitcoin is available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon, and in PDF format and MP3 here. If your device has a way to open PDFs or MP3's (nearly all do) then you'll be just fine.

"I don't like reading books on my computer or tablet. Can I print this book's PDF?"

Yes, this book is printable! In fact, the entire book has been neatly laid out into a printable format. This makes it easy and convenient to print. Extra margin space has been provided to accommodate three-hole punching or bound using other methods. Plus, this extra margin space provides some room for your hand-written notes, too!

"How long is Understanding Bitcoin?"

This book is 220 pages in length. The intention with this book is to provide you with concise information while not skimping on important details.

"Is Understanding Bitcoin available as an audiobook?"

Yes, Understanding Bitcoin is available as an audio book (mp3 format). The total length of the audio book version of this book is 5 hours, 1 minute.

"Do I need to know anything about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or technology before reading this book? What are the pre-requisites?"

There are no pre-requisites to reading Understanding Bitcoin.

"What happens after I purchase? How do I gain access to this book?"

During enrollment, you'll create an account (it takes seconds!) which gives you instant and complete access to your book and all it's included resources. Further, your account allows you to view all Ten Ton courses and books you're enrolled in, all from a single convenient library page.

"What if I don't like this book? What's your refund policy?"

Every Ten Ton book and course is backed by our "Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee. Click here for more details.

"How much does this book cost? What methods of payment do you accept?"

Your enrollment can be processed using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Maestro, Solo, PayPal, and even bitcoin (if you'd like to use bitcoin, click here to find out how). Pricing and enrollment options for Secrets To Home Page Success can be found right here.

Did we miss anything?

If you have any other questions related to Crucial About Page Components, feel free to contact us!

All Ten Ton courses include Unlimited Lifetime Access!

Unlimited Lifetime Access!

You can access your book's material as often as you'd like. Come back for a refresher anytime you want!

Your book is a valuable resource for years to come!

And because your book's materials are always available, you can download them onto your phone, tablet, or laptop — anytime!

“Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!

Sometimes things just aren't a good fit — I totally get it. That's why your book is fully backed by Ten Ton's “Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!

Sounds kinda weird and gross, right? Here's what this means:

After digging into your book, if you aren't gaining big insights and clarifications ...if everything’s still a messy "Spaghetti Salad" in your head ...if things aren't working out for whatever reason...

Get a total reimbursement of your enrollment within 60 days, no hassles, no headaches...no delays!

After all, I want you to be nothing less than thrilled with your new book!

Ten Ton's Money Back Refund Guarantee!

Delve deeper with your Exploring Ethereum PDF mini-book!

Exploring Ethereum And Top Altcoin Blockchains

Even if you’re brand new to the world of crypto, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Ethereum before, right? That’s because after bitcoin, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency on the planet.

But what makes Ethereum so popular? Is it digital money like bitcoin, or does it serve some other uses? Well, that's what your fully-printable Exploring Ethereum mini-book is all about!

In Exploring Ethereum, you'll get...

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  • Discover other top cryptocurrency projects and learn about the incredible potential and rapid development going on in the crypto space!
  • Determine if Ethereum and other altcoins make sense from an investment standpoint, including potential investment strategies for you to consider!
  • ...and much more!
  • All this and more awaits in Exploring Ethereum!

Get super-charged with your Understanding Bitcoin audio book!

Understanding Bitcoin audio book

Audio books are, of course, perfect anytime you're on the go. That's why Understanding Bitcoin is also available in audio book format!

Narrated by the author (yours truly!) you'll get Understanding Bitcoin delivered in a much more direct and personal format. It's like we'll be sitting side by side together...all the way through!

Downloadable in mp3 format, you can listen to your audio book on your smartphone, tablet, computer or other device that you like.

In your Understanding Bitcoin audio book, you'll get...

  • Inflection, tonality, and a more direct connection with your author!
  • A deeper understanding of bitcoin and blockchain while you're on the go, at the gym, walking the dog...anywhere!
  • 15+ mp3 files that you can download and listen to on any device, anytime you like!
  • 5+ hours of learning, organized into easily digestible chapters!
  • Additional content and further insights not included in the book version of Understanding Bitcoin!
  • ...and of course, much more!

Ready to get a solid grasp on bitcoin?

Choose the option that fits you best!


Understanding Bitcoin!

Understanding Bitcoin
PDF ebook!

A great place to start with bitcoin!

Just right if you're brand new to the world of bitcoin and blockchain, and want to take some big steps forward!

A great fit no matter what your background or technical experience!

  • Clearly laid out in non-tehnical terms!
  • Learn step-by-step in plain-English!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to all your book's materials!
  • Fully backed by Ten Ton's “Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!
  • No fluff, no clutter ...no nonsense!

$28 usd

Pay with bitcoin, ask us how!


Understanding Bitcoin, Exploring Ethereum, and Understanding Bitcoin audio book!

Understanding Bitcoin
PDF ebook

+ Exploring Ethereum PDF mini-book

+ Understanding Bitcoin audio book!

Packed with extra value!

Just right if you're brand new to the world of bitcoin and blockchain, and want to take some big steps forward!

A great fit no matter what your background or technical experience!

In-depth info on Ethereum, altcoins, and additional blockchain projects!

Take Understanding Bitcoin with you on the go — anytime you like!

  • Clearly laid out in non-tehnical terms!
  • Learn step-by-step in plain-English!
  • No fluff, clutter, or nonsense!
  • 50+ pages of bonus content on Ethereum and altcoins!
  • Discover additional blockchain projects and how they work!
  • 5+ hours of personal audio book narration by the author!
  • Gain deeper insights that go beyond the book!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to all your book's materials!
  • Fully backed by Ten Ton's “Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!
  • No fluff, no clutter ...no nonsense!

Over $40 in value!

$34 usd

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(Also available in paperback and Kindle)

Buy Understanding Bitcoin on Amazon

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