Types Of Small Business Websites You Can Build!

Really there are only so many types of online businesses you can build. And as a matter of fact I've been able to narrow it all down to just 5 types. Yes, no matter what kind of business you have in mind to build...it'll fall under one of these types.

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So for instance, first you can build whats called a brochure-style website. Imagine a website for a local bistro or barbershop. A business like this would likely just need something simple that would convey basic information about the business -- hours of operation, services they offer...that sorta stuff.

And really, more often than not, this type of website of course wouldn't be for an online-only business...although I'm sure there are exceptions.

Next you can build something very similar to a brochure-style website...but that includes the ability to accept bookings online. Think of service-based businesses like a mortgage broker, bed and breakfast or hair salon.

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So the site would still contain essential information about the business...but it would also have some sort of system in place to schedule a booking or appointment. A business like this could reside entirely online with no need for a physical location.

Now what if the online business you have in mind will sell a variety of physical products? Then here you'd be building an e-commerce website. Typically this kind of online business allows visitors to browse through categories of products, add items to their shopping cart, and then finally to check out.

I think we're all pretty familiar with this sort of online business so there's no need to dig into more detail here...I think we both get it!

Next up though is my favourite kind of online business -- what I call a "digital download" website. With this kind of online business you'd sell any kind of product that's in digital form...and this means products that are either text based, audio, or video.

So you might sell ebooks, music, or video content. What I love so much about this type of online business is that most of your business can be automated. Further, what's great is that you create the digital product once...and then sell it over and over again for years.

The final type of online business website that you can build is some kind of membership website. Here, you could have some kind of specialized knowledge or service that your customers pay an ongoing (usually monthly) fee to access.

You could incorporate exclusive content, a membership area, a forum, and much more...which is really great for community building.

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