“Two Is One And One Is None” – Use This Military Approach In Your Business!

Two is one and one is none -- have you heard this military phrase before? It's of course used to do...the sorts of things the military does...but we can also apply it to ourselves and our online businesses. In fact, people who don't apply the concept of "two is one and one is none" find themselves in all sorts of trouble...so let's take a look.

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Okay so let's jump into "two is one and one is none."

Just a short while back, I got a text from a friend.

She was in an absolute panic because she'd accidentally lost some very important files on her computer that she desperately needed.

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I know I've been here too, and it totally sucks!

So my first question to her was, "Do you regularly back up your laptop?"


That's not good. So here's what I suggested:

I told her that there are ways to recover deleted files from a computer, but that she should stop using her computer, so that she doesn't accidentally overwrite the portion of the hard drive where the deleted files still reside.

Now admittedly, I'm not an expert on data recovery or this kinda stuff, but that's what I understand, at least.

I told her that she should take her laptop to a place that specializes in data recovery.

But she said she couldn't stop using her computer as she needed it for work...and she couldn't afford the downtime while she sent her computer in to recover the files.

Quite the pickle, huh?

Meanwhile, I implored her to set up a data backup system that works for her. And that's because in today's world, it's our data that's one of our most prized and important possessions...(whether that's personal files or data we use at work)

And I told her my system -- a data backup system I've used for years...

A long time ago, I was doing work with an ex-military guy. He told me their credo regarding gear:

"Two is one, one is none."

What this means is, if you have just one of something, then you don't have it.

Having two of something (so obviously, one plus a backup) is like having one of something.

Let me repeat: "Two is one, one is none."

For military guys, it could be flashlights, radios, and whatever else they need to do their job.

In our world...especially with your online business...it's data. Data like your email list, your website, your important files, and other valuable data you regularly use in your business.

So, NOT having a backup of your computer is like not having your most important files at all.

As was the case with my friend who was panicing over her lost files, she learned the hard way just how fragile and important our data is.

We've all been there. And unfortunately, for most people they HAVE to experience the feeling of losing their most precious files just once to realize how important this stuff is.

So at a minimum, "two is one, one is none." But personally, I take all this one step further. And that's because I have what I call a mild degree of healthy paranoia.

So rather than having just of two of something, if I instead have THREE of something (in this case, data) then to me, this means that I have TWO backups PLUS the original copy on my computer.

So, two external backups, plus the original working files on my computer.

Now that might seem excessive to you, but that's exactly what I do. Every computer I have here has two external backups that are stored in different locations, plus the active working files on each one.

And, as much as possible I try to automate backups so that I don't even have to think about it...(although some of my backups have to be done manually). And this of course extends to my websites, too.

Now for yourself, having two backups per computer might be too much. My approach might seem like overkill to you...but it works for me.

In my mind, the peace of mind is certainly worth the minimal effort. But for yourself, at a minimum, remember that "two is one, and one is none."

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