Thought of the day…

Here's the first thought I had when I woke up this morning...

"What day is it today?"

Second thought...

"What does it matter?"


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After all...every day kinda feels like a Sunday, doesn't it?!

But one thing's for sure (and this is a BIG bright spot in the global mess we find ourselves in)...'s great to see the internet being used for what it was originally built for:

Connecting us together.

It's incredible how rapidly everything changed. The way we connect to one another, the way we work...even our beliefs about how fragile things can be.

In your Online Business Building Blocks ebook, I talk about exactly this -- I call it Online Mayberry (you know, the fictitious town from The Andy Griffith Show?!)

So rather than being limited by geographic location, now we're all connected through fiber optics and wireless data signals.

Online, we're all a part of small, like-minded communities. Online Mayberry's! Communities that share our interests, our challenges...our hopes and our goals.

That's the opportunity we all have.

And of course, all this online infrastructure has been in place for a long, long time...

...but now it's more important than ever.

More VALUED than ever, right?

And when I'd initially written Online Business Building Blocks just a month or so back, here's what I stressed: That we have the OPTION to leverage this peer-to-peer network to start doing work that matters to us...for an audience who we can serve.

But the way things are looking's no longer really an option.

It's becoming a necessity.

Because even though things will eventually return to normal...I think it's easy to say that this is going to have a lasting impact on the way we think, connect, and work.

Really, the bright spot is that this global pandemic has forced us to leap forward -- to realize just how valuable the opportunity is that we all have.

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I put together Online Business Building Blocks for you to break everything down into simple, digestible pieces. It's a short, direct read. And in these challenging and uncertain times, I can't urge you enough to take some time to learn exactly what's involved in leveraging the internet to set up an online stream of income that's not only fulfilling for you...

...but that matters to others, too.

But you might be wondering..."Geoff, your ebook is so valuable and timely, why not just give it away for free?"

Great question. And that's true: Online Business Blocks isn't free (it has a small, nominal price).

So why not just give it away?

There's a very big (and very important reason) why your ebook has a (nominal) price tag.

I'll tell you exactly why a little later this week.

Most importantly (and in the meantime) I hope things are okay on your end. And that you and your loved ones are doing well.

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