The Real, True Purpose Of Business (Rarely Discussed)

The purpose of business is to improve the lives of our a profit. If we can't do it at a profit, then it's not gonna work.

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And you know, making a profit isn't evil. It isn't greedy. Money isn't evil. If we can't make a profit, then we won't be in business for long...and if we can't make a profit, then we can't help many people or improve their lives or serve them and help them solve their most painful problems.

Think of a local auto shop...or an online learning company like Ten Ton Online...a local tax planner...a fitness and wellness coach...or a million other small businesses in thousands and thousands of marketgs and sub-markets all across the world. Making a profit doesn't make them means they can continue serving and helping more people -- helping them fix their bigest problems...tomorrow...the next day, next week, and for years to come.

Can you think of anything more amazing and positive than that?

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So as a small business, your focus has to be on helping your customer and serving their needs...while simultaneously working hard to improve efficiency and lowering overhead. This is why the private sector is often so effective and efficient...there's a profit incentive to keep costs low and to figure out ways to work more efficiently.

And if you're effective at helping your customer and improving their lives, your customers will reciprocate by rewarding your efforts and innovations with sales...but ONLY if they feel that the benefits and solutions your products and services promise to deliver are at least as valuable as the cost to purchase them.

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