The Harsh Truth About Business – Learn It For FAST Growth

Wanna know a harsh truth about business? This might sound cold. It might sound too direct but...

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...Nobody cares.

This is a truth that all small business owners and entrepreneurs have to face at one point or another. Nobody cares how hard you worked, what you've gone through, how late you stay up or how early you start. Nobody cares about your past, or yoru failures, or whatever struggles and obstacles you've had to overcome.

All the market cares about is itself. "So what -- what's in it for me?" is really what potential customers are thinking. And you know what? That's a good thing. It's a good thing for a bunch of reasons...

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It's a good thing because business owners are forced to offer people what they actually want to spend their money on. Nobody cares if you've loved to play guitar since you were eight. Nobody cares that it's been a lifelong dream of yours to start a business. The market only cares about getting it's needs and problems solved. I'm not trying to be negative or pessimistic here...this is just reality. And facing this reality means that us business owners are forced to offer our customers what they want.

This is called "enforced altruism" and it's beneficial to everyone. If us small business owners work hard to improve the lives of our customers and solve their problems, then they get what they want and we get what we want. Over time, this improves the lives of everyone.

It's also a good thing because it makes us honest, hardworking business owners better people. We're forced to "get real," to gain self-awareness, and to put our needs aside temporarily to serve others first.

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