The Future Of Small Business – Bright Days Ahead!

The future belongs to small business owners. Just as many of us came from an aggregation heritage -- for many of us our grandparents, or great grandparents were farmers -- I truly believe that we're headed back to something similar...the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker...but online!

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Just look around you. Look at all the destruction and economic fallout as a result of various events that have occurred in 2020. Nearly everyone agrees that 2020 has been a horrendous year. To me, it feels like we're in a bad made-for-TV sci-fi B-movie ro something!

But has 2020 been ALL bad news? I'd wager that the seismic shifts in our economy and culture as a result of what's happened in 2020 is on par with similar seisemic shifts that occurred as a result of the rise of the internet -- it's all just happend much mroe quickly in 2020. If you're old enough to remember the rise of the internet, then maybe you agree that it feels the same way.

Everything feels uncertian. We don't know how the cookie will finish crumbling in the comign years or where things will but one thing's for sure: Things will look very different in the coming years than they did prior to 2020 -- airlines, hotels, live sports, theatre chains going under, condo and commercial real estate in inner cities collapsing while real estate outside of major cities going ballistic -- yeah, I'm paying attention to all of this!

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And then there's internet-based communications platforms like Zoom, virtually unknown prior to 2020 now booming.

So what does all this mean for business? Well, it's impossible to predict the future, but we can logically extrapolate things out. What does all this mean for conferences, business meetings, shopping, and travel? What does it mean not only for pre- and post-secondary schooling, but for continued adult education? Brick and mortar businesses will never totally go away (I'm thinking hair salons, auto shops, maybe specialty stores). And it's now normal to work from home (it's about time!), shop online whenever possible, and to learn online.

So for yourself, think about all this. Rather than relying on local business, can you conduct business online? Can you do what you do online instead of in-person?

Because in the wake of 2020, it's like we've all been flung 5 years into the future...and the future belongs not just to entrepreneurs...but to online businesses!

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