The Easiest Way To Find Your Target Audience – You’re Closer Than You Think!

Here's one great way to figure out the target audience you want to serve in your online business...

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Sit down with a pen and paper, cut out all distractions -- don't bring your phone or anything -- and think about the 3, 4, or 5 special interest groups or I suppose what you could call "sub-cultures" that you're a part of. What interests, hobbies, and special interests do you have?

Are you really into cross-fit, cross-stitching, or cross-country skiing? Are you into para-gliding, para-sailing, or paralegal? How about paint-ball, paint-by-numbers, or Microsoft Paint?

Really think about this. If all you're coming up with is "first person shooter games" and "Netflix" need to think harder!

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Once you've identified the 3, 4, or 5 special interest groups that you're a part of, then really what you've done is you've started the process for identifying your target audience for your online business.

These are groups of people who you already understand very, very well...even intimately...because you're one of them! And yes, it really is THIS straightforward! See, none of this online business stuff or marketing stuff is rocket science!

It's only made out to be complex and confusing by fake gurus who really have no idea what they're doing! So now at this point, we've only identified POTENTIAL target audiences for your online business.

The next step is to investigate each of these special interest groups further and see if we can confirm or validate which ones are worth pursuing further and which ones won't be viable audiences for your online business.

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