Technical Issues In E-commerce (Unnecessary E-commerce Fear Mongering)

Interestingly, a lot of posts and articles I've come across that discusses the online transaction process and the various components that are involved, like payment gateways, merchant accounts, and so on tends to be...let's say overly dramatic.

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I've read articles where they'll say things like (and these are actual quotes), "You have to ensure that your customer's sensitive personal information is secure," or "There are plenty of people online who'll do whatever it takes to steal your customer's information," and "You’ll be handling customer's highly confidential information."

What I want to make clear is this: When building an online business, we HAVE to accept online payments, right? Without being able to accept payments online, then by definition, we don't have an online business! And the only way to accept payments online is via a payment processor like PayPal or

Now it's important to understand that these and other payment processors are "enterprise-grade" services. So by design they're incredibly secure and robust (not to mention, governed by federal law). So using a reputable payment processor along with an SSL certificate on your website means OF COURSE customer info is gonna be secure!

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The above quotes I pulled from those aforementioned articles are frankly just overly dramatic fear mongering. They're not helpful to you or others who want to learn about online business and how to set all this up for themselves.

These kinds of articles and post are making things sound as if the entire thing is massively complex...that you as the vendor will actually be handing sensitive customer information. But, you won't be personally handling any sensitive payment information or data.

As soon as your customer begins the checkout process on your website or clicks "Buy Now," everything from that point forward is in the hands of your payment processor, not you. So as the business owner you won't even see your customer's transaction details.

That information is kept secure and private from you and from everyone else thanks to your payment processor and your site's SSL certificate. So it's not like you have to build a secure online payment system from scratch all by yourself.

All the various pieces -- shopping cart software, payment processors, merchant accounts, and so on -- are all readily available from very reputable, enterprise-level companies who've been around for a long, long time.

And best of all, even if you're sitting there thinking that all this stuff seems complex and overwhelming to set up...really, it's all very easy and straightforward.

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