Target Audience Wants & Needs (Don’t Fall Into This TRAP!)

As online business owners and creators, there's a deadly trap that we've gotta be careful to avoid: And that is, getting trapped by what our audience expects and demands from us...while at the same time, needing to keep things fresh, updated, and interesting.

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In fact, it's a bit of a catch-22. If we keep doing the same sort of thing over and over, if we keep creating and releasing the same sorta stuff again and again, we risk our work becoming stale and boring, and we risk losing our audience.

Yet at the same time, if we push things too far, if we release something that's way outside of our audience's expectations, then we risk totally alienating our audience. So it's a delicate balance.

I'll give you an example: I'm a huge, huge fan of what I call "old school Metallica." And I have to specify it as "old school." I can't say "Metallica" anymore...I have to say "old school Metallica"...

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...and because what they've become now is so far beyond what want as a fan. They pushed things so far outside of what I want as a fan, that I have to specifically say "old school Metallica."

And here's why: It's because what this band once WAS was what I signed up for. As a fan, I signed up for something specific. Had this band continued working creatively in their "old school" sandbox that they carved out and created for themselves, just as many, many other bands have successfully done

...then they could have maintained that delicate balance of doing creative, satisfying, fulfilling work while simultaneously keeping their die-hard fans (namely, people just like me) happy, satisfied, and hungry to buy more.

But instead what they did was expand the size of their sandbox until it was so big that it now includes virtually anything they want...including spoken word poetry albums, country music, weirdo concept albums, and other junk that as a (now totally alienated, and now former audience member) I don't want.

I'm not interested in country music or concept poetry albums or whatever. I didn't sign up for that. And so there's a lesson in all this for us online business owners and creative types. We have to walk a delicate line. It's a very careful balance.

We need to feel creatively fulfilled...while at the same time not alienating our true, die-hard fans. So what's the solution? First, make sure that the creative sandbox that you carve out for yourself is big enough to keep you satisfied and fulfilled with the work you do...

...but not SO big that it encompasses things that are way, way beyond what your audience signed up for. And second, instead of expanding the size of your sandbox, consolidate it's depth. Dig deeper into what you've already started developing.

Push things further and deeper and refine what you do even more. Push and develop that initial concept that true fans were originally attracted to further and further. Take that original concept and continue developing and evolving it.

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