SwiftVenture Accelerator: Get Your Business On The Right Track And Avoid The Most Common Traps!

Want to “launch a business,” yet don't know where to start?

The right steps to confidently get your business on the right track!

Feeling confused, unsure...and have absolutely no idea what to do?

Well guess what? That's completely normal! That's because, while the world of business is exciting, can set you free, and can of course be very lucrative...at the same time it can also feel overwhelming, scary, and even sometimes hopeless. Folks just like you have the burning desire to “fire their boss,” and “do their own thing” ...yet most folks don't know what to do, or even where to start.

So, you are not alone! However...

What happens is, otherwise smart, hard working people with big dreams who “take the plunge” into business wind up making a total mess of things!

They go down all the wrong paths and make easily avoidable mistakes. In reality, nearly all approaches to business lead directly to frustration, unnecessary errors, and even the Business Graveyard. In fact, most people who “make the leap” follow what they think is the right path into business...which always winds up in struggle, frustration, and fatal wrong decisions.

Big mistake!

What's needed instead is a set of proven and easy to understand steps to building your own business. Yes a clear path does exist! And yes, formulas, shortcuts and “insider secrets” to business success exist too! It's simply a matter of introducing you to a handful simple, basic business concepts to get you moving on the right track!

Introducing SwiftVenture Accelerator...

SwiftVenture Accelerator: Get Your Business On The Right Track And Avoid The Most Common Traps!

How To Get Your Business On The Right Track And Avoid The Most Common Traps!

Your SwiftVenture Accelerator online course details out a clear and straightforward set of steps you need to take to launch your successful business! Gain clarity and insight into what's truly needed to build and launch your business, and get moving with confidence in the right direction!

Learn how for most people, “going into business for yourself,” and “becoming self-employed” leads directly into the jaws of a death trap!

Uncover why most business ideas and models are, in fact, doomed from the start, and learn how to avoid the most common and fatal mistakes practically everyone who's new to business makes.

Discover the best ideas and opportunities in business, and how to begin your business journey...the right way!

This is exactly what you'll learn in SwiftVenture Accelerator!

In this compact, easy to follow online course you'll...

  • Learn how most business models severely restrict revenue potential — and how to avoid 'em!
  • Find out how most new business owners inadvertently trap themselves in dead-end businesses!
  • Discover the one single factor that removes barriers and roadblocks that most people who are new to business are powerless to overcome!
  • Get the single, sure path to business success that you've been looking for!

No other learning material lays out “Business 101” fundamentals with such clarity and simplicity!

You'll never look at business the same way again!

A big thank you for your amazingly easy to understand course. I love your easy-talking-style — it makes it so much easier to follow and have a good laugh as well. You give us the chance to follow along on our side. You have the uncanny knack of getting inside our heads and know ahead of time what we find confusing. Please keep adding more courses...they really are amazing! Many thanks!”


Here's what you can expect in your SwiftVenture Accelerator...

Lay out the right business strategy...before you begin!

Learn how business really works...and the strategies, rules, and concepts you need to put into place to build your successful business!

  • Uncover the irrefutable rules of psychology and basic math that governs every business's earning potential!
  • Discover the only reason why customers will ever buy from you — secret to unlocking sales!
  • Get a totally unique and fresh understanding of what business is all about...and how to get started right away!
Lay out the right business strategy...before you begin!
Quickly identify how to avoid the most common pitfalls and costly mistakes!

Quickly identify how to avoid the most common pitfalls and costly mistakes!

Gain deep insights into how most new business owners trap themselves in dead-end businesses that they cannot grow or scale.

  • Find out why not all businesses are equal...and why most business opportunities are not even worth your consideration!
  • Uncover the biggest differences between the self-employed and real True Entrepreneurs!
  • Get the best business models that are the most flexible, controllable... and even unlimited!

Get all the “insider details” and vital business fundamentals!

Business has never before been explained so thoroughly, with such critical detail — giving you a deep understanding of exactly what you need to get started today!

  • Uncover the Three Psychological Components that your business must leverage!
  • Get key concepts that guide you to uncovering the most profitable business ideas and markets filled with motivated customers!
  • Rapidly grow your revenue by leveraging simple technology, automated systems, and Creative Special Offers!
Use your website's About page to stand out, attract visitors, and increase sales!
Get examples of website About pages that work!

See how to create optimal revenue and huge cash flows...whether you're working or not!

Learn business models that easily overcome the limitations of geography and time, that bring in sales around the clock!

  • Generate income at will by leveraging warped and unlimited mathematics within your business!
  • Open the revenue floodgates by discovering what really motivates customers to buy!
  • Strategies and methods for adjusting and tweaking your business — multiply your results!

Let's make sure you avoid the biggest mistakes...and get you on the right track!

About Geoff Blake

I remember being totally stuck and going in circles...knowing I wasn't in the right place...that there had to be more.

Starting my own business could set me free — but where the heck do you even start?!

A clear, simple escape plan is what's desperately needed.

For myself, that was over two decades ago. And since then, I've been running my own businesses online and helping other entrepreneurs just like you.

So wha'cha waitin' for?

...let's get started on yours!

“I just had to write to say how thrilled I was with this course. I don’t enjoy learning new technical stuff or having to study. This course made it all SO easy! It was so much fun I can’t believe how quickly I went through them all because I didn’t want to stop learning! Highly recommended!”


“I simply cannot say enough about Geoff's tutorials. I'm addicted! I paid a goodly number to a local college in hopes of getting a 'proper' primer and was sorely disappointed. Watching Geoff's tutorials is like sitting under the wing of a brilliant big brother-type whose making your success his business.”

D Syed

Course Outline

Here's the full outline for SwiftVenture Accelerator...

  1. Welcome! Important Information About Your Course

Chapter 1: Your Starting Point: Business 101!

  1. Let's Get You Started In Business!
  2. The Game Of Value Exchange
  3. Introducing Robert Kioysaki's Cashflow Quadrant
  4. Introducing The Universal Income Equation (Sample Lesson!)
  5. The Mindset, Rules, And Income Equation Of Employees
  6. The Death Trap Of Self-Employment
  7. The Game Of True Entrepreneurship
  8. Let's Wrap Up

Chapter 2: First Steps To Becoming A True Entrepreneur!

  1. Your Next Steps Forward
  2. Vital Business Definitions You Must Know
  3. Product Types & Business Models (Sample Lesson!)
  4. We're Living Through A Demolition
  5. The Best Business Model To Start With
  6. Finishing Up
  1. Where To Go From Here

Step-by-step, learn how to start and grow your own business!

SwiftVenture Accelerator: Get Your Business On The Right Track And Avoid The Most Common Traps!

Most business books, workshops, and courses lack the depth and detail to fully explain exactly how business works, what customers desperately want, and the clear steps that motivated people who want to “get their venture off the ground” need to take.

Don't “make the leap” into a business Death Trap!

Instead, propel your business ideas forward by putting the right plan of action into place!

SwiftVenture Accelerator is your direct and to-the-point step-by-step roadmap into the world of business. No fluff, no filler, no nonsense!

  • No other resource takes such a direct and thorough approach to the fundamentals of business!
  • Discover the four types of business models that you can choose from...and which one is best if you're just starting out!
  • Learn how to leverage the power of systems, freeing you from the constraints that nearly all businesses are burdened under!
  • Discover why one of the biggest secrets to your business's success lies in untapped micro-markets that are filled with rabid, motivated customers!
  • And of course...a whole heckuva lot more!

“Geoff is an enthusiastic instructor, and that really helped me stay interested and focused. Geoff also speaks clearly and at an easy to follow pace. Some instructors may have weaker communication skills, but Geoff has none of that. As a result, all the course materials were delivered efficiently and clearly.

This course is actually comparable to my university classes. The progression, philosophy, and techniques are all very similar. What this means is that you are getting really high quality instruction for only a 1/10 of the cost. Definitely recommended for aspiring beginners, students who need a review, and for people who want a crash course, but don't want to sacrifice any details nor quality.

Thank you Geoff for this awesome course. Onwards!”


Now You Might Be Wondering...

(Here are some common questions that get asked about SwiftVenture Accelerator...)

"Another business course? What makes SwiftVenture Accelerator different from all the others?"

I agree — there are way too many business courses and books out there! And most of 'em are filled with fluff, filler, and non-actionable nonsense. My objective with SwiftVenture Accelerator is to give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business, and a proven set of steps to follow. What you'll learn here can be applied to any kind of business, whether you're just starting out, or are maybe struggling in your current venture.

No other course, book, or business training (that I've seen over the years, anyway) details everything out in such a clear structure.

"By the end of this course, will I have a profitable business?"

By the end of this course, you'll have a clear understanding of the various components that go into building a successful business. You'll have the overwhelm and clutter that comes with business completely clarified and simplified.

"Will this course show me how to get rich?"

SwiftVenture Accelerator is definitely not a "how to get rich quick" course. Instead, here it's all about business fundamentals. This means building a serious, long-term business that isn't about chasing trends, fads, or "get rich quick" schemes.

"Is this course any good if I have an existing business?"

Absolutely. The unique approach this course takes towards business gives you a clear understanding of exactly what's going on in your business. So no matter what your business background, whether you're experienced or brand new, this course will help you take the next big steps forward.

"What if I have no business ideas? Will this course help me?"

Yes, absolutely. SwiftVenture Accelerator lays out the simple process for you to not only uncover the best business ideas, but also to stress test and validate them as well. The approaches you'll discover for finding and vetting ideas gives you the highest probability for your business success!

"How long is will it take to complete the course?"

The total length of SwiftVenture Accelerator is 3 hours, 31 minutes. So, you can easily get through this course quickly. And don't forget, because your enrollment includes Unlimited Lifetime Access, you can watch and re-watch SwiftVenture Accelerator as often as you'd like!

"Do I need to know anything before taking this course? Are there course prerequisites?"

Because SwiftVenture Accelerator takes a bottom-to-top approach to business, starting with the absolute fundamentals, there are no prerequisites to enrolling in this course. In fact, all that's needed before taking htis course is your motivation and desire to build and launch your own business!

"How is the course structured? How does it work?"

SwiftVenture Accelerator is is organized into chapters and individual video lessons. Although the course is presented by Geoff, all content has been pre-recorded. This means that your course is completely self-paced so you can work through the material at your own speed. You can pause, rewind, skip ahead, take a break...anytime you like!

And since video lessons are streamed online, you can watch your course using any internet-connected device. Watch your course anywhere, anytime you like!

"How long will I have access to this course?"

Your enrollment includes Unlimited Lifetime Access to your course. This means that you can watch and re-watch SwiftVenture Accelerator anytime you like, as much as you'd like! Many Ten Ton students return to their courses months, even years, after initially enrolling to go through things again. This makes SwiftVenture Accelerator a valuable resource for you to return to again and again...anytime you want! Click here for more details.

"What happens after I enroll? How do I gain access to this course?"

During enrollment, you'll create an account (it takes seconds!) which gives you instant and complete access to your course and all it's included resources. Further, your account allows you to view all Ten Ton courses you're enrolled in, all from a single convenient library page.

"What if I don't like the course? What's your refund policy?"

Every Ten Ton course is backed by our "Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee. Click here for more details.

"How much does this course cost? What methods of payment do you accept?"

Your enrollment can be processed using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Maestro, Solo, PayPal, and even bitcoin (if you'd like to use bitcoin, click here to find out how). Pricing and enrollment options for SwiftVenture Accelerator can be found right here.

Did we miss anything?

If you have any other questions related to SwiftVenture Accelerator, feel free to contact us!

All Ten Ton courses include Unlimited Lifetime Access!

Unlimited Lifetime Access!

Watch and re-watch your course as much as you'd like. Come back for a refresher anytime you'd like!

You aren't just enrolling in a course ...you're getting a life-long resource!

And because lessons are streamed online, you can watch your course on your phone, tablet, or laptop — anytime!

“Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!

Sometimes things just aren't a good fit — I totally get it. That's why your course is fully backed by Ten Ton's “Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!

Sounds kinda weird and gross, right? Here's what this means:

After digging into your course, if you aren't gaining big insights and clarifications ...if everything’s still a messy "Spaghetti Salad" in your head ...if things aren't working out for whatever reason...

Get a total reimbursement of your enrollment within 60 days, no hassles, no headaches...no delays!

After all, I want you to be nothing less than thrilled with your new course!

Ten Ton's Money Back Refund Guarantee!

“Geoff obviously knows his subject through and through. This course is very good. Geoff is a very gifted instructor and generous with his information, so patient viewers do get a sense of an expert's own trials and tribulations with the material he teaches — offering a bit of real-world insight. Geoff is also very good about demonstrating and showing his progress, resulting in very clear presentation.”


Exclusive full-length bonus chapter...yours FREE!

SwiftVenture Accelerator free bonus chapter

Your enrollment in SwiftVenture Accelerator includes, at no extra cost, a free, full-length exclusive bonus chapter: 4 Different Ways To Start A Business!

Discover the only four pathways into the world of business...and why the routes that most people take lead directly to the Business Graveyard!

Instead, uncover the two most reliable and strategic approaches to business — increase your chances of success exponentially!

  • Find out why “idea first” is one of the worst ways to start your business...and what you should focus on instead!
  • Get started developing your Skill Stack — a vital concept that puts you on the right track!
  • Learn about the Three Stages Of Business, how to avoid unnecessary risk and frustration, and instead quickly skip ahead!
  • Get introduced to your Treasure Finder Formula, a simple model to uncover the best, most profitable ideas!

Turbo-charge your business with Online Business Building Blocks!

It's crucial that you get a full, complete picture of how to build and run your successful business — and that's what Online Business Building Blocks is all about!

Here, you get all the steps and components to business broken down into simple, sequential steps.

Learn how to uncover the best, lowest-risk business ideas, how to discover for certain, and how to transform your ideas and skills into a viable business!

  • Learn about the most powerful methods for bringing in new customers and drumming up new business using proven strategies that most marketers don't even know exist!
  • Get the fluff, nonsense, and confusion stripped away...and the clear, direct truth about business!
  • Learn the fundamentals of product and service idea validation using proven real-world methods!

Get the full details for Online Business Building Blocks ebook and audio book right here!

Online Business Building Blocks

Ready to confidently leap into business for yourself?


SwiftVenture Accelerator: Get Your Business On The Right Track And Avoid The Most Common Traps!

SwiftVenture Accelerator

+ 4 Different Ways To Start A Business bonus chapter

A rapid-paced approach to getting on the right business track!

Master the fundamentals and avoid the most common, most disasterous mistakes!

Includes a full-length bonus chapter that uncovers the most reliable and strategic approaches to business!

  • Clearly laid out in a progressive, self-paced, sequential format!
  • Learn exactly what steps are needed to maximize your success!
  • Bonus lessons that guide you through the best routes into business!
  • Over three hours of immersive step-by-step lessons!
  • Streaming video available on any device!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to all your course materials!
  • Fully backed by Ten Ton's “Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!
  • No fluff, no clutter ...no nonsense!

$98 usd

Pay with bitcoin, find out how!


SwiftVenture Accelerator: Get Your Business On The Right Track And Avoid The Most Common Traps!

SwiftVenture Accelerator

+ 4 Different Ways To Start A Business bonus chapter

+ Online Business Building Blocks

Packed with extra value!

A rapid-paced approach to getting on the right business track!

Master the fundamentals and avoid the most common, most disasterous mistakes!

Includes a full-length bonus chapter that uncovers the most reliable and strategic approaches to business!

Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $34 value) included FREE!

  • Clearly laid out in a progressive, self-paced, sequential format!
  • Learn exactly what steps are needed to maximize your success!
  • Bonus lessons that guide you through the best routes into business!
  • Over three hours of immersive step-by-step lessons!
  • Streaming video available on any device + PDF ebook and audio book!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to all your course materials!
  • Fully backed by Ten Ton's “Spaghetti Salad-Proof” Guarantee!
  • No fluff, no clutter ...no nonsense!

Over $60 in value!

$104 usd

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“Geoff, if I got lost in a storm, torn from a boat, I would come to your site to get back on track. The method you use for teaching is awesome! Thanks for being my greatest resource on the web. You rock!”


“This course was great. Geoff’s concise, easy way of teaching is fantastic. Everything is so easy to understand and makes so much sense. I’ve used other online schools but I was totally lost until I found Ten Ton.

It is a real pleasure to learn from these videos.”


“I like the easy going, friendly style of these courses. Keeps my attention and I can listen to your voice for hours without drifting! I tried a couple of Lynda courses previously, but found I lost interest quickly. Much better courses on Ten Ton Online!”


“Excellent, thank you! You are a fabulous instructor! I have bookmarked the page that lists all your courses because I really absorb well the information you give, plus your topics are exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you so much! MORE MORE MORE!!”


“Champagne videos! After trawling the web looking for many answers, your videos have answered them all and more! Thanks heaps for this knowledge as you've saved me so much time. Yours are simply the best tutorials on the matter. Cheers!”


“I love Geoff’s courses. It’s like he’s sitting right beside me, taking me through everything step-by-step!”


“I learned more in two days with your course than I thought possible. I was literally ready to give up! I had tried courses from Lynda.com, and all it did was confuse me even more. Your approach is no-nonsense, and just plain old understandable! I am very much looking forward to putting my skills to use.

All in all I give you and your online courses a 100% — THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You've got a great technique! Now I am gushing!”


“Going through these videos, I seriously feel like how Neo must have felt when he just learned kung fu! You've helped me clear up a lot — thank you!”


“This course is worth it because it's clear and easy to understand. Watching it over and over has helped me memorize the important facts I need to know. Thanks!”


“So straightforward and easy to follow along with — I like Geoff's teaching style! I found his exercises useful in addition to following along with the training. His teaching style helps me to take a step back and revise what I have just learned. Good natural style of training which makes it enjoyable. Hope to see some more of Geoff's work in future releases.”


“Beyond Awesome tutorials!! Very easy to grasp after watching just one time through. Keep them comming!”


“As with other courses by Geoff, I found this one to be of the same high standard and in the same easy to follow format. I really enjoyed working through this course and know that I can always go back and review sections and still gain insights into this topic. Great Stuff!!”

Bernard Phelan

“Presented in a clear, friendly and informative manner, you can quite happily work through the training in one go without feeling drowned in too much knowledge.”


“Man, that was the BEST video course ever! It was so straightforward and easy to follow — and it all makes so much sense to me now. Thanks Geoff!”


“I just want to tell you that I LOVE your courses! I love the step-by-step instructions that you give. You make learning so much fun! It makes it so easy to follow along. Thank you!”

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