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I think we're dialing back. I think the internet is actually dialing us back to a previous time. Imagine pre-1950s. No televisions. Radio was the popular medium. But, a radio station's broadcast signal could only reach so far. Only a certain number of people could tune in.

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So back then, you might have an entertainer, news anchor, or a small corner business who was beloved in the local market...who was virtually unknown in the next state or province. Or, you might have a famous writer from England, Germany, or Russia who was virtually unknown outside of their country.

Back then, things were much more insular. Then the mass market happened. Television happened. Multimedia. In the mass market era, if you weren't on TV, if you weren't in magazines, if you weren't backed by a big publisher of some kind...

...then you were a nobody. Here, you needed someone else's permission to gain access to the networks they owned.

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So what does all this have to do with small business, building audiences online, and internet marketing? A lot, in fact. We're dialing back to something that looks very similar to the pre-mass market era.

Today, you don't need a gatekeeper's permission. The internet is now the distribution network. You don't need mass market, mainstream backing...or to sell out. You can be famous to 1000 people...while nobody else knows or cares who you are. And that's amazing.

That's really great because it means that you don't have to compromise your work. You can build and create and develop things that you care about and that do work that fulfills you...and you can do it for a tiny group of people who love and support what you do.

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