Sort Your Head Out! (Where It ALL Begins)

You don't need to chase trends or get on some new "sure to make millions" online marketing strategy or go all in on some "magical big idea" you've pulled out of thin air. All you need to do is figure yourself out. Nice 'n easy, right?!

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Really, it's about figuring out what works for you, find out what your audience's problems are, and then see if you can solve some of those problems at a profit. That's all there is to it.

One of the biggest challenges when starting out in business is YOU -- getting yourself sorted out and to a point where you can say, "Here's what I'm good at, this is what I like, and this is the work I want to do."

Getting to this point can take a lot of time and introspection...yet it's critical work. The other big task is all about your audience. Here, you've gotta figure out what sorts of people you want to work with on a regular basis...

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...and then after that, researching and digging to find out what their problems are and what they struggle with. You'll know you're done when you reach a point where you can say, "This is the sub-market I want to serve, and here's the problems and big dreams they have."

None of this is easy. I totally get that -- trust me, I live it! It's not nearly easy as all the "online goo-ru's" make it out to be with their rented supermodel girlfriends and loaner sports cars.

I'll tell you, getting started in your business and really going for it is a journey of self-exploration and discovery...and I hope you're up for the ride!

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