Social Media – Not As Critical As You Might Think

Social media is very often heralded as some kind of magical "cure-all"...that if businesses and brands can simply gain traction, attract eyeballs, and go viral...suddenly all their business problems will somehow magically go away...that somehow, they'll have "made it"...whatever that means!

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This is ridiculously far from the truth. Being huge on social media is very often the end-goal for many brands, businesses, and online projects. But views, likes, shares, follows, and "engagement" does not equal sales.

Sure, these sorts of things can maybe lead to potential sales...but there's a big difference between "potential sales" and SALES.

If only we could lease Lamborghinis based on our social media metrics! But there's a reason why these things are called "vanity metrics." they're called vanity metrics because they don't mean anything in the real world other than maybe some social proof.

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See, being huge on social media isn't the's a means to an end. What's the true purpose of your business's social media accounts? Is it to get views, shares, and likes? That stuff's partially important but there's a lot missing.

And if your primary goal is to build a brand solely on a specific social media platform, then how will you monetize? In my mind, selling merch and earning a percentage of ad revenue isn't good enough. That isn't a true business in the strictest definition.

...Not to mention your bran and business reside on an unstable platform in an environment you don't control, that's owned by a giant tech corporation who can change their rules any time the like.

I know of a guy who has a very substantial following on soical media. He has well over half a million followers. His posts get 20-50 thousand views and hundreds of comments. By all measures, he's "successful" on social media.

Yet in one of his posts, he revealed his earnings for the past 12, revenue he earned through ad revenue and merch.

His annual earnings? $42,000/yr. Now don't get me wrong, $42k is great if you're just starting out...but this guy's been doing this for nearly ten years. And for an audience of his size, for the amount of influence he has, he should be bringing in $500k to $1 million annually.

Again, ad revenue and t-shirts and hoodies is not a business. It isn't innovating anything or providing much value at all.

Instead, if you choose to use social media for business purposes, understand that it's a means to an end.

The REAL goal of social media is to bring eyeballs and the sorts of people you want to attract and serve back to a platform and into an environment you DO control...your website! THAT'S the name of the game.

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