Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing – Which is BEST For Your Business?

Even though a lot of our daily information intake occurs on one social media platform or another, email marketing is still massively huge for online business and for your marketing and audience-building strategy. And there's a few reasons for this. One big one is expectations...

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People don't go onto Facebook, Twitter, Insta, or any other social media platform to buy stuff or to be sold to. They go there to flake out, connect with friends, family, and likeminded people, and so on.

On the other hand, the expectation when we open our email app is...COMMUNICATION! That's the sole purpose of email, right? But it goes deeper.

Social media platforms are "social" first. That's the primary reason they that we can connect socially with one another. What came along AFTER they established market dominance was the ability to use social platforms for online marketing.

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And in doing so, we have to abide by their rules and follow their terms of service. And ultimately, Facebook killed it all for online business owners and creators a number of years ago when they changed how organic reach functions on their platform -- there's essentially ZERO organic reach now!

Organic reach is slowly dying on other platforms as well. Now, website and online business owners have to pay to reach the audience that they spent years building on these social platforms.

Really, for online business owners, it's looking like social media platforms are really only good for online advertising and maybe recruiting or something. So, engagement is in the toilet and we have to abide by their ever-changing rules.

On the other hand, if we put in the time and effort to build up our email list...that's an active list of people who have voluntarily signed up for whatever it is that we do.

When someone signs up to your mailing list, what they're really saying is, "Take my email address. I want you to have it. And I want you to send me things that are going to help me reach my goals, solve my problems, and fix my challenges."

With your online business's email list, YOU own the list. You can do whatever you want with it, post to it anytime you want, and reach the vast majority of the people on your list.

Google can't touch your list. Facebook doesn't get a say. Twitter's Terms Of Service do not govern it. It's YOURS.

Further, even though social media gets all the attention, when done right email has a much higher ROI -- either paid ads on social, or when using social organically.

Really, I think what's happened is many brands, online businesses, and even local businesses have lost sight of what matters most. All the emphasis is on Facebook ads or on Instagram or wherever.

Businesses pour boatloads of their efforts here, trying to engage with cold, total strangers who are on these platforms in the first place to socialize...and meanwhile they ignore their email list, let it go cold, or at best, only send out promotional emails.

This is a completely lost opportunity. Providing great, helpful value to your mailing list is hands-down the best way to keep a warm, interested audience engaged in the work you do.

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