Setting Up Email For Small Business (Follow These Guidelines!)

In case it's on your mind, let's toast the idea of using a free Gmail or Yahoo or similar free email address for your business website. Using a free or email address looks very unprofessional and amateurish.

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So let's consider free email accounts (what I call non-professional email accounts) as non-options for your online business website.

What we want is a site-branded, or professional business email address -—,, or something similar. No "" or "" allowed!

Now when you sign your business up for web hosting, you may find that it also comes with free email service. You can use this free service if you want, but I really don't recommend it. At first, it might seem like a convenience to bundle your email and web hosting together.

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After all, it keeps everything in one place for you. While true, this actually creates a few problems. ideally, just as we'll use a dedicated domain name registrar to register our domains, ideally we'll also use a dedicated, specialized email service to handle our business's main form of communication, email.

While this is an extra step, and requires a bit more set up, the long-term benefits are definitely worth it. It'll save you potential hassles and headaches down the road.

For instance, if your email and your website are tied to the same service, and that service goes down...then you lose everything right? But if you have your email and your website separate, if your website goes down then at least you can still communicate with your customers and with your audience.

So where do I recommend you go to for dedicated, business-grade email service? Just as with domain name registrars and web hosts, there's no shortage of email services to choose from.

But in an attempt to get you up and running quickly, I've narrowed it down to two of the best: Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Both are very popular, come highly recommended, and are widely used by small, medium, and even very large businesses.

In addition to email, Microsoft Office 365 includes things like calendars, cloud storage, online conferencing, and the Microsoft Office suite, as well as a few other goodies. The Business Essentials plan is priced at $6/user per month (or $5/month if paid annually).

Google G Suite comes with all the great stuff Gmail's become known for—Google Docs (including Sheets, Forms, and so on), Google Drive cloud storage, Calendar, Hangouts, and of course, email. Google G Suite starts at $5 per account per month.

If you'd like to know more, I'll leave some links for you in the Show Notes below.

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