Separate Web Hosting And Domain Registration (Get Your Site Set Up RIGHT!)

Let's talk about why you should keep your business website's domain name and your web hosting separate...even if your web host offers you a free domain name when you sign up.

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Most often, even though they're advertising it as free, this is actually a more expensive route to take that gives you much less control over your online business. I'll explain all this shortly.

First though, one of the reasons why this stuff gets confusing is because web hosting companies allow you to set up your domain name and web hosting all at once. So, domain names and web hosting kinda get tangled up with one another.

This is like an auto mechanic doing a brake job, and then offering to detail your car's interior. Yeah, the two services are kinda related. But really, they're completely different, specialized services.

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Web hosting companies offer to register your domain name as a convenience, but they also do it as a way for them to make more money. Just like our auto mechanic example, there's nothing wrong with providing additional services, but it's important for you and I to know exactly what we're getting.

So very quickly, you know what your domain name is, right? That's the website address, or URL, that people use find your business's website. And your hosting is simply the space online where you store your website. Your domain name simply points to the storage space where you store your website. Simple, right?

So why not combine these two together? Why not grab a free domain name when you sign up with web hosting? Because online, you want to be as autonomous and in control as possible.

Very often -- if you read the fine print of your web host's terms of service -- your domain name is free only for the first year. After that, you have to renew it through your web host...often at an inflated price.

Second, and again you'll have to read the fine print, when you register your domain name through a web host, THEY actually own the domain, not you. Not good!

This is why I always, always recommend to separate your key website services -- namely, your domain, your website, and your business's email. Keeping them separate puts you in complete control and ownership of your business online.

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