SEO Mastery: Tap Into Traffic, Magnetize Your Market, And Boost Your Online Sales!

SEO Mastery

The clearest, most direct step-by-step guide to attracting traffic to your website!

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Why is it so hard to get more traffic?

After all, that's what we all want, right?...

And that's a big challenge. After all, you've put all this effort into building your website and getting everything live on the web.

But what about getting people know...actually visit you?! That feels like an uphill battle, doesn't it? In fact, a lot of my students ask me things like...

"How can I get more visitors and paying customers?" "How can I get my site to show up in Google?" And of course..."Is Search Engine Optimization still a thing...isn't it totally oversaturated?"

Well I'll tell you, SEO is still very much a thing. Despite what many think, search engines drive the most traffic online...way, way more than social media. And SEO is definitely not oversaturated!

But years ago, I remember feeling totally stuck like this.

I'd worked very hard on my website and products. It took a TON of effort to get things "just right." So why was I frustrated? Because of what happened next...


It was gut-wrenching. But you know what I learned? I learned that you can have a great website with the best products in the world...but if nobody knows you exist...


It can be very frustrating. And this is why getting people to actually show up on your website is SO important. And while this stuff might seem like mystical voodoo or something that involves a lot of advanced technical know-how, believe it or not but...

...increasing your website's traffic really isn't that complicated!

So let me ask you...

Are you ready to Master SEO?!

SEO Mastery: Tap Into Traffic, Magnetize Your Market, And Boost Your Online Sales!

See, one of the biggest things that holds most great websites back is this...

Website owners think search engine optimization is too technical or too mysterious to learn. That it's all too confusing and complicated.

And this is why I put together SEO Mastery: Tap Into Traffic, Magnetize Your Market, And Boost Your Sales! ...A complete package that shows you, step-by-step, everything you need to know about SEO to begin increasing your website traffic.

Because this stuff's messy and can even seem like...I dunno, like a dark art or something...I made this course to be "The clearest, most direct step-by-step guide to attracting traffic to your website!"

But you still might be thinking that it's all too much. After all, it can seem pretty mind-boggling and overly technical. But let me ask you this...

You've already gotten a website live on the web, right? Then you already have all skills you need! All that's missing is clearing up the confusion around SEO, how to increrase traffic, and to understand how Google works!

And that's what SEO Mastery is all about.

For example, increasing traffic to your website isn't about getting more visitors. Yeah, you read that right! Instead, it's about attracting visitors. See, it's critical to understand that the traffic's already out there. The kinds of people you seek to attract are already searching through Google, finding content, and landing on websites.

So there's no "getting" involved here. Instead, it's about attracting having your website, your products, and your content in front of people who are already looking for the kinds of things you already have. Effective SEO is about discovering what people are already searching for...and then giving it to them. That's it!

Do that well, and the traffic never stops flowing...cuz you're giving people EXACTLY what they want!

It's these sorts of perspective-shifts that you'll learn in SEO Mastery. But this is just the tip of the iceberg...

There's so much more that's in store for you!

Here's how SEO Mastery is engineered for you...

Get a practical, refreshing perspective on what SEO is and how it works!

Of course, SEO can seem confusing and complex. But SEO Mastery clears the clutter and confusion, giving you with a solid grasp of...

  • Exactly how Google and search engine optimization works!
  • How to effectively target quality keyword phrases!
  • How to draw pre-qualified, self-selected traffic to your website!
SEO Mastery: The Clearest, Most Direct Step-by-step Guide To Attracting Traffic To Your Website!
Discover the benefits of mastering SEO

Discover modern SEO research tools!

There's no shortage of SEO tools available -- some free, some paid. Some great, some not so great.

And many SEO tools have a dark, dirty secret that they don't want you knowing about. In SEO Mastery, you'll find out exactly why some tools can't be trusted.

You'll also learn about the most modern research and keyword data tools currently available...and discover two free tools that make keyword research and search analysis a breeze!

Get comfortable with On-Page SEO!

Whether using a platform like WordPress, coding by hand, or building your website some other way, you'll learn exactly how to structure your pages for SEO.

Learn where and how to place your keywords to give your content the best chance of getting picked up by Google and ranking.

Learn how images, heading levels, and even the file names you use can impact your SEO results.

Master on-page SEO clearly, quickly, and easily!
Learn how to put off-page SEO to use for your website!

Discover the best Off-Page strategies!

Effective SEO is about more than just how you structure your web pages and optimize your content. Other areas -- some on your website and some off -- also factor in.

Discover additional effective, efficient strategies for maximizing your SEO efforts. Amplify your SEO tactics with sound, proven methods for magnetically attracting traffic to your content.

Find the best off-page methods to reach your business objectives, and learn which approaches might not be worth your effort.

Hey, I'm Geoff...

About Geoff Blake

...I teach small business owners how to build and grow their website themselves...and yeah, make more money!

And I want you to know that you're in good hands. So...

Here's my official bio: Geoff Blake is an award-winning veteran software trainer, author, and designer. A professional public speaker since 1997, Geoff has taught desktop publishing, web design and graphics courses for a wide range of clients and organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and colleges, to small and medium-sized businesses; and to individuals just like you. In 2009 he launched his video-based training site, Ten Ton Online, allowing him to reach students worldwide. With his humorous, non-jargonny approach, Geoff's style of teaching revolves around dissolving learner's anxiety, and presenting otherwise technical subjects in a relaxed, easy to understand way.

And here's a few professional acheivements: Lead software training classes in corporate environments for over ten years; Published author with Peachpit Press and top industry magazines and websites; Held a professorship at Seneca college, and ran graphics workshops at George Brown and Humber colleges in Toronto; Worked with nearly every major vendor in the online learning marketplace; Produced the award-winning Photoshop Extended Essentials training package with Total Training; Grew Ten Ton from complete scratch to well over 11,000 users and growing -- it's amazing that I can help so many people all over the world!

I hope it's obvious that I'm passionate about teaching! I love helping people launch and market their creative online projects...

...So let's get started on yours!

"I'm building a new website to sell a self-published book, so I know how important SEO will be. Driving traffic to my site will sell more books and mean more revenue for me. I was worried that SEO would be complicated but the way Geoff teaches in his SEO Mastery course makes it really easy to understand. Hands-on courses like this one always work best for me.

What really impressed me was the course's section on keyword research. It's outstanding! I have a Masters degree in library and information science so as far as keywords are concerned I thought I knew it all. But SEO Mastery not only humbled me...but it taught me things I did not know I did not know -- along with new strategies for better SEO. Now I have a better understanding of how keywords work on the web.

Other areas covered in this course that will be a big help are the sections about on-page SEO, off-page SEO strategies, and website optimization. I love that I can come back to any of Geoff’s courses any time I like. I'm enjoying SEO Mastery immensely, but then I enjoy ALL of Geoff’s courses immensely!"

John Pansini (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Finally, training that delivers! I have taken courses from numerous vendors, but absolutely none of them begin to compare with this course. I’ve taken a ton of courses from and frankly came away with more theory than practical application. But not with this course, you will get your hands dirty with code, you will be challenged to think through issues on your own but in the end you will have taken a giant step forward in learning to build a WordPress theme from scratch! Geoff is an outstanding instructor, I think I laughed almost as much as I learned. If you’re serious about improving your skills with WordPress then sign up for this course, lock yourself in your office and get to work. I promise it will be worth it! By the way I’ve been so impressed with Geoff as an instructor that this is the third course I’ve taken from him and will soon be starting on my fourth!"


Here's exactly what you'll get with your new course

Here's a run-through of all the great new skills you'll get in your new course...

  • Get the right perspective on SEO. Most people think SEO is confusing and technical...or even that it's some kind of voodoo hocus pocus. But with the right understanding, you'll discover that SEO is straightforward and easy!
  • Nail down SEO terminology. Dispel the confusion and get clear on the common terms, phrases, and acronyms used in the world of SEO.
  • Dissolve the biggest myths. The world of SEO is filled with misunderstandings and untruths. But with the right outlook and understanding, you'll get yourself on the right track and moving forward in no time!
  • Understand keyword research. Get a proper understanding of the importance of proper keyword research...which is critical to all your SEO efforts.
  • Precise keyword targeting: Discover the value of long-tail keywords...and how to uncover them for yourself!
  • Find out what research tools get wrong! Uncover the dirty secret of SEO research tools...which can save you tons of time, money, and wasted effort!
  • Learn about the top industry-standard tools. Discover widely used keyword research and data reporting tools -- both free and paid.
  • Solve the biggest challenges. Learn about the three big problems you'll face with keyword research...and how to overcome each!
  • Find out about the best tool to use. Get yourself on track with the Number 1 SEO tool...that's hiding in plain sight!
  • Killer Keyword Research Guide included! Get a clear, simplified, 5-Step killer keyword research guide -- with real-world examples!
  • Master On-Page SEO strategies, including how to handle your page headings, images, and other layout elements...No matter what tools you use to build your website (WordPress or something else) -- universal!
  • Master Off-Page SEO! Learn about Off-Page SEO strategies, including backlinks, link-building strategies, and more.
  • Discover other online marketing strategies. Find out if building a social media following will help or hinder your SEO efforts...and if there are better strategies to promote your website online.
  • Content Writing Guide included! Get your Hands-On blueprint to writing great, SEO-optimized content...just fill in the blanks!
  • SEO Site Optimization: Discover how to optimize your website overall. This includes ensuring your site's secure, that functions well for your visitors, that your site's mobile-friendly, and more!
  • Local SEO strategies and best practices: Bonus lesson that includes tips and strategies for local SEO.
  • Content Publishing Guidelines: Get a clear, easy to follow content publishing strategy to ensure your website gets found through search!
  • What to do when you don't rank: Uncover the two reasons why your content doesn't rank well...and how to bring it back to life!
  • Filled to the brim! Loaded with countless tips, strategies, extras, and cheat guides to get your content ranking high!
  • Practical and hands-on: Filled with hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and practical steps!
  • No expensive tools needed! No ongoing software subscriptions or costly tools needed...all you need is your web browser!
  • Non-technical and easy to follow! Casual, clear steps. No techie-jargon here!
  • Course Outline

    Here's a full outline of your course...

    Part 1: SEO Foundations: How It Works And What It's About

    1. Welcome To SEO Mastery!
    2. Let's Get Started
    3. Getting The Right Perspective On SEO (Free Sample Lesson!)
    4. SEO Isn't Complex...Just Stick To The Basics
    5. Common SEO Terminology
    6. SEO Myths And What To Avoid
    7. Breaking SEO Down And Outlining The Process
    8. Let's See If Google's Found You Yet
    9. Test Your Skills!

    Part 2: Keyword Research

    1. Getting Started With Keyword Research
    2. Killer Keyword Research: The Foundation For Your SEO Efforts
    3. Understanding The Value Of Long Tail Keywords (Free Sample Lesson!)
    4. Establishing A Starting Point For Your Keyword Research
    5. The Sobering Truth About Keyword Research Tools
    6. Three Examples Of Conflicting Search Data
    7. Popular Paid Keyword Research Tools
    8. Try These Free Keyword Research Tools
    9. Solving Problem #1: Discovering Exact Keyword Phrases (With The Best Research Tool...That's Hidden In Plain Sight!)
    10. Solving Problem #2: Finding A Treasure Trove Of Related Keywords
    11. Get Great Keyword Ideas And Keep Organized With Keywords Everywhere
    12. Solving Problem #3: Determining Keyword Search Volume And Competition
    13. 5-Step Killer Keyword Research Guide
    14. Real-World Keyword Research Examples
    15. Test Your Skills!

    Part 3: On-Page SEO Guidelines

    1. Introducing On-Page SEO
    2. Understanding What On-Page SEO Is
    3. Guidelines For Your Page Content
    4. Optimizing Your Page Titles
    5. Getting To Grips With The Description Meta Tag
    6. Structuring Your Pages With Heading Levels
    7. Getting The Most Out Of Hyperlinks (Free Sample Lesson!)
    8. How To Set Up Images For On-Page SEO
    9. Optimizing Paths And File Names For SEO
    10. Hands-On Guide To Writing SEO-Optimized Content
    11. Test Your Skills!

    Part 4: Off-Page SEO Strategies

    1. Getting Started With Off-Page SEO
    2. Understanding Backlink Basics
    3. Steer Clear Of Unnatural Link Schemes
    4. Is Link Building A Worthwhile Strategy?
    5. Social Media: Overrated Or A Critical Part Of Off-Page SEO? (Free Sample Lesson!)
    6. Leveraging Email Marketing For Your Business
    7. Test Your Skills!

    Part 5: Website Optimization

    1. What Website Optimization's All About
    2. Securing Your Website With SSL
    3. Ensure Your Site Runs Well On Mobile
    4. Make Sure Your Site's Running Fast
    5. Optimize Your Images For The Web
    6. FREE BONUS LESSON: Local Business SEO Strategies
    7. Test Your Skills!

    Part 6: Wrapping Up

    1. A Few Loose Ends Before We Go
    2. Tracking Your SEO Efforts
    3. Your Unfair SEO Advantage (And How To Dominate Long-Term)
    4. The Trial-And-Error Nature Of SEO
    5. What To Do If Your Content Doesn't Rank
    6. Where To Go From Here
    7. Thanks For Watching!

    "Geoff has given me a great foothold of knowledge and insight into web design from which to grow from. I was quite amazed by his knowledge of everything: web, print, design, production, etc. He’s the whole package. He’s a natural, with a myriad of talents."


    "I love Geoff’s training courses. It’s like he’s sitting right beside me, taking me through everything step-by-step!"


    "Excellent course for building your own web site. The casual tone and clear instructions make it easy to follow and understand. I felt like Geoff was in the room instructing me personally! The step-by-step instructions helped me to feel more comfortable in tackling HTML coding, and Geoff’s insider tips on how to make a great site were invaluable."


    What's Unique About SEO Mastery?

    SEO Mastery: Tap Into Traffic, Magnetize Your Market, And Boost Your Online Sales!

    I don't talk about this too often but...

    I'm a research nerd! Yeah, I kinda geek out when I really get on something. For me, it's about finding how things REALLY work...whether that's web design, online marketing, SEO...or something else.

    So, I wind up chasing down rabbit holes...digging deep into critical areas...and working hard to uncover what's really going on. And SEO is one of those subjects that's filled with loads of mis-information, half-truths, and misunderstandings -- but I don't have to tell you that!

    So years and years ago when I set out to learn all this stuff for myself, I dug HARD to uncover what it was all REALLY about.

    And the distinctions, the research data, the results that I was seeing wasn't being shared by other people. No one else was talking about the sorts of things I'd discovered...

    ...Critical information about keyword research and how to effectively target them, what SEO tools get totally wrong, what to do when content doesn't rank, and more.

    And that's why I'm excited to share what I've found with you...Not many people know about this stuff -- even the so-called "experts."

    So this is why I've dubbed this content "The clearest, most direct step-by-step guide to attracting traffic to your website!"

    And I'd love to uncover it all for you!

    Important! Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters!

    Before you dig into your SEO Mastery course, it's crucial that you get a full, complete picture of how to build and run a successful website and online business. That's why I've put together a short, consicse ebook called Online Business Building Blocks.

    This ebook breaks down for you the complex interconnected components of running a successful website into just ten simple parts (Building Blocks!)

    Here's what you'll get...

    • Clear, foundational, easy-to-understand components to build and run a successful website and business...all in one spot!
    • Discover fail-safe methods for finding your audience and uncovering precisely what they're looking for!
    • Learn the fundamentals of product and service idea validation using proven real-world methods!
    • Uncover modern, easy to use tools to support your website and your business!
    • ...and a whole lot more!

    In fact, staring first with your Online Business Building Blocks ebook is so crucial...that it's a prerequisite to taking your SEO Mastery course! It's vital to get a strong, clear picture of the entire process and a clear, logical starting point...and I know you're gonna love it!

    Your Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $27 value) is included FREE with your enrollment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this course work for me? How can I know it'll be good for my unique situation?

    I can't guarantee that you'll rank #1. In fact, not even Google can guarantee that! This is because things are always moving and changing. But what I can guarantee is that you'll get clear guidelines and steps to follow to give your website the best possible chance of ranking. And if you do your research and pick your keywords well, then ranking decently isn't too hard.

    But what about your unique website, market, and products? Will this course work for them? Try searching for your specific market or topic in Google. If search results appear (and no doubt they will!) then you'll know that a solid SEO strategy can work for you.

    For a complete breakdown of everything that's included in the course, take a look at the complete course outline.

    Do I have to use a specific web design tool, like WordPress, in order to use this course?

    While WordPress is the web platform I strongly recommend you use (it's SEO-optimized right out of the box!), this course is fully compatible with all web design tools. This means that no matter what web design tools you use, no matter how you've built your website, this course will be a perfect fit!

    Will I need to pay for expensive SEO tools in order to use this course?

    No. SEO tools can be very expensive...and very unreliable! In your course, only free tools and strategies are showcased. This means that there's no software you'll be required to pay for, no costly ongoing monthly subscriptions you'll need, and so on. In terms of tools, all you'll need is your web browser!

    How long is will it take to complete the course?

    The total length of the course is 5 hours, 24 minutes. So, you can easily get through it in less than a work day. And, because your enrollment gives you unlimited lifetime access, you can watch and re-watch your course as often as you'd like!

    Do I need to know anything before taking this course? Are there course prerequisites?

    This course does have a few prerequisites. First, it's important to have at least a basic understanding of web design. You don't need to be a web design "expert," but a general idea of how web pages are built will go a long way to getting the most out of your SEO Mastery course.

    That said, no prior experience with SEO or online marketing is required in order to take this course.

    If you're not familiar with web design, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself! is a great place to start first.

    Finally, to get the most out of SEO Mastery and get a deep understanding of how to build and grow a successful website, it's important to start with a short ebook, Online Business Building Blocks before starting your online course.

    This concise ebook breaks down for you the complex interconnected components of running a successful website into just ten simple parts (Building Blocks!). Your Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $27 value) is included free with your enrollment.

    How is the course structured? How does it work?

    The course is organized into chapters and individual video lessons. The course is also self-paced, so you can go through the material at your own speed. This allows you to pause, rewind, skip ahead, take a break...whatever you like! And since video lessons are streamed online (in the same way Netflix works), this means you can watch your course wherever you have an internet connection.

    Further, you can use your phone, tablet, or computer to watch your course...anywhere, anytime you like!

    Do I have to finish the course in a certain amount of time?

    No, not at all. Your course enrollment includes Unlimited Lifetime Access to your course. This means that you can watch and re-watch your course anytime you like. Many students return to their courses months, even years, after initially enrolling to go through things again.

    This makes your course a valuable resource for you to return to again and again...anytime you want!

    I'm too busy. What if I don't have time right now?

    Remember that this course includes Unlimited Lifetime Access. This means that you can enroll now to lock in your enrollment...and then come back and jump into your course whenever you like!

    Does the course come with project files?

    Yes, this course comes with a set of free downloadable project files. This allows you to follow along with each lesson, step-by-step and get the exact same results for yourself that you see in the course.

    What if I don't like the course? What's your refund policy?

    I definitely want to make sure you LOVE your course! But I understand that sometimes things don't make a good fit. That's why every course is backed by Ten Ton's "Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee. If after receiving your course, you aren't happy with the material, send us an email within 30-days and get a prompt refund of your investment. No hard feelings!

    For more details about our refund policy, please click here.

    What does the course cost?

    For course pricing and what's included, please click here.

    How do I enroll in this course?

    To see your enrollment options, click right here!

    I want you to be nothing less than thrilled with your course enrollment! Yet sometimes things just aren't a good fit. That's why all courses are backed by Ten Ton's "Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee!

    Here's what that means: If, after delving into your course, if everything’s still a "Spaghetti Salad" in your head...if you don't like how your courses are clearly structured and laid out...or if it just isn't working out...

    Get a full, prompt reimbursement on your enrollment within 60 hassles!

    Because I wouldn't want you stuck with in a course that isn't a good fit.
    I hope that sounds awesome!

    Ten Ton Heavy-Weight Guarantee!

    Boost your SEO results with this Special Bonus Course!

    Up And Running With Yoast SEO For WordPress

    Yoast SEO is a free and very widely used plugin for WordPress. With it, you can ensure your content is keyword and SEO optimized. It'll help make sure you're getting the best results for things like page titles, metadata, readability, and more.

    Yoast can also automatically generate sitemaps for your website. Clean sitemaps help Google can crawl all your site's content so you can get ranked where it counts.

    There are many great features in Yoast and this short course will help guide you through them!

    In your Yoast SEO For WordPress course, you'll learn...

    In your Yoast SEO For WordPress, you get...

    • How to install and configure Yoast SEO for your website!
    • The best way to configure Yoast to ensure your site ranks well!
    • How to adjust options for specific pages and posts on your site!
    • Where to find Yoast's auto-generated sitemaps!
    • ...and a whole lot more!

    "Limited Time Only" Premium Bonus Course!

    Google Search Console Unleashed!

    For a limited time, get an additional premium Bonus Course -- Google Search Console Unleashed! Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is an invaluable (and free!) tool that all website owners should take advantage of. With Search Console, you can track the exact keywords visitors are using when they find you through search, and keep track of how your content ranks.

    Search Console also helps you monitor your SEO efforts, see what pages are ranking, and what content attracts the most traffic. Further, use powerful reporting tools to catch any crawl and index errors with your site...then quickly resolve them.

    Search Console also allows you to add your website's sitemap and submit individual pages for crawling -- this ensures Google can find you, and that you get ranked fast!

    This short course will tour you through these and many more powerful features in Google Search Console!

    In Google Search Console Unleashed, you'll learn...

    • The right way to properly add your website to Search Console!
    • How to find what keyword phrases your content ranks for!
    • The flexibility of Search Console's powerful data filters!
    • How to security issues on your website!
    • ...and a whole lot more!

    "Limited Time Only" Premium Bonus Course!

    Google Analytics Master Class!

    For a limited time, get an additional premium Bonus Course -- Google Analytics Master Class! Google Analytics is a powerful (and free!) tool for tracking visitor data on your website. With it, you can monitor how users behave, what pages are visited most, how you're found online...and much more!

    Tracking visitor data is crucial for knowing how users are behaving on your website...

    But Google Analytics can be confusing and complex to sort through. Knowing where to start, navigating through it's deep reports, and making sense of it's powerful features is puzzling and unintuitive.

    But in this short, direct Google Analytics Master Class, you'll be taken, step-by-step, through the most powerful, useful features that matter most to your website and online business.

    You'll be an analytics PRO in no time!

    You'll start with a clear walk-through to properly add your site to Google Analytics. Then, get a guided tour through the many screens and areas of Google you'll be feeling comfortable and at home inside it's interface.

    Then, it's time to take advantage of the impressive, immersive features and reporting tools found in Google Analytics. Learn how to sort through audience data, uncover your visitor's behaviour, view reports for specific pages, and more! See what online channels attract the most traffic, what pages visitors arrive on most, and other critical analytics data.

    All this and more is packed into Google Analytics Master Class!

    In Google Google Analytics Master Class, you'll get...

    • A step-by-step guide to configuring Google Analytics!
    • A clear, simplified approach to getting the most out of traffic data!
    • Analysis reports on how visitors are finding you online!
    • A solid grasp on what pages visitors engage with most!
    • ...and a whole lot more!

    Ready to enroll?

    Important! This is a self-study course with no direct involvement from Geoff. You will be working by yourself own at your own pace. To compliment your course, you'll have access to a variety of support resources, including free access to the Ten Ton Student-Only forum!


    SEO Mastery + Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    SEO Mastery + Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    A great place to get started with SEO!

    Dissolve the biggest myths, misunderstandings, and untruths about SEO!

    Gain a new perspective on what SEO is and how you can put it to work on your website!

    Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $27 value) included FREE!

    • Get up to speed with SEO fast!
    • Discover modern research and analysis tools!
    • Build an SEO strategy to magnetize your traffic!


    SEO Mastery + Google Analytics + Online Business Building Blocks

    SEO Mastery
    + Up And Running With Yoast SEO For WordPress + Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    Loaded with extra value to get you up and running fast!

    Dissolve the biggest myths, misunderstandings, and untruths about SEO!

    Gain a new perspective on what SEO is and how you can put it to work on your website!

    Discover how to configure your website with with Yoast SEO!

    Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $27 value) included FREE!

    • Get up to speed with SEO fast!
    • Discover modern research and analysis tools!
    • Build an SEO strategy to magnetize your traffic!
    • Configure your site for top rankings!
    • Lay a strong SEO foundation to build on!
    • Monitor how pages appear in search!
    • Deepen your skills and knowledge!

    Over $360 in value!


    Option 1

    SEO Mastery + Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    SEO Mastery + Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    A great place to get started with SEO!

    Dissolve the biggest myths, misunderstandings, and untruths about SEO!

    Gain a new perspective on what SEO is and how you can put it to work on your website!

    Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $27 value) included FREE!

    • Get up to speed with SEO fast!
    • Discover modern research and analysis tools!
    • Build an SEO strategy to magnetize your traffic!


    Option 2

    SEO Mastery: Tap Into Traffic, Magnetize Your Market, And Boost Your Online Sales!

    SEO Mastery
    + Up And Running With Yoast SEO For WordPress
    + Google Search Console Unleashed
    + Google Analytics Master Class + Online Business Building Blocks ebook

    Loaded with extra value to get you up and running fast!

    Dissolve the biggest myths, misunderstandings, and untruths about SEO!

    Gain a new perspective on what SEO is and how you can put it to work on your website!

    Discover how to track visitor behaviour with Google Analytics!

    Keep track of how you rank with Search Console!

    Online Business Building Blocks ebook (a $27 value) included FREE!

    • Get up to speed with SEO fast!
    • Discover modern research and analysis tools!
    • Build an SEO strategy to magnetize your traffic!
    • Configure your site for top rankings!
    • Lay a strong SEO foundation to build on!
    • Monitor how pages appear in search!
    • Keep track of keywords you rank for!
    • Check your site for errors and issues!

    Over $450 in value!


    "Geoff’s expert teaching has guided me through the journey of learning web design. I started out as a complete beginner, but with Geoff’s excellent training, I graduated at the top of my 3-year college program in just 2 years, which I could not have done otherwise (in fact, his training was to a much higher standard than my school’s). Now after learning so much with Geoff, I’ve gained a full time job as a web designer. Geoff helped get me that break, which I’m sure without his help simply wouldn’t have happened."


    "I like the easy going, friendly style of these courses. Keeps my attention and I can listen to your voice for hours without drifting! I tried a couple of Lynda courses previously, but found I lost interest quickly. Much better courses on Ten Ton Online!"


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    "Awesome. I LOVE how easy it was to follow you. The way you took time to explain every single action made this a great course. Many thanks!"


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