SEO Fundamentals – Draw Traffic To Your Website With These Make-Or-Break Basics!

SEO fundamentals are really important to know. In fact, even just knowing the basics can put you way, way ahead of your competition. But, a lot of folks get all hung up on SEO, get overwhelmed, think that it's too technical...this kinda stuff. Well here, you and I are gonna clear all this up and give you a clear idea about SEO fundamentals.

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Okay, on to "seo fundamentals." One of the biggest challenges website and business owners have is not just attracting traffic...but getting the RIGHT kind of traffic flowing into their website. This is a hurdle that most website owners struggle with.

So here, let's get clear on exactly how SEO works, and how you can leverage it in your business to begin attracting the audience you seek to serve.

As I said just a second ago, a lot of people get hung up on SEO -- that is, getting organic traffic to show up on their rank their web pages in organic search results.

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Some website and online business owners don't even bother with SEO at all...and the wonder why they hardly get any traffic into their website, their product pages, and their offers.

But it's important to understand exactly what SEO is. Taking a broad view, SEO is a function of marketing. That is, SEO is a strategy for attracting visitors and customers to your website.

So, think of SEO as a marketing method that falls along-side other "customer acquisition" strategies like copywriting, advertising, content marketing, and so on.

In fact, you could categorize SEO under the marketing term of "inbound marketing."

Another method of gaining attention online is, of course, social media. There's lots of attention and hype around social, right?

And while social media can play a role in your marketing efforts, social media platforms pale in comparison to a solid SEO strategy.

Many people strategize about how to leverage various social media platforms for their online business...but meanwhile, the vast, vast majority of internet users head directly to search engines (primarily Google) to find answers to their problems, look for products, or research various topics.

Search engines are the most widely-used method for finding information online, right? When you or I have a problem or a question about something, we head stratight to Google, don't we?

And it goes without saying *why* search engines are the go-to: Because they provide the best possible resources for whatever it is that we're looking for online.

Social media platforms can't do that. Social media platforms provide a different function other than indexing the web's content and providing answers to difficult questions for internet users.

So all that said, it's important to get clear on exactly what SEO is. Here's how I define it:

SEO is the intentional effort to have our web pages, articles, and our website overall appear in search engine results for specific search phrases and keywords.

Said another way, SEO is all about giving your website the best chance to appear on search engine results pages. This is what's referred to as "organic visibility."

That is, increasing the probability that your website's pages will appear organically in search results (as opposed to via paid ads or other methods).

This is why, as you begin your SEO strategy, to keep in mind something that's said over and over in the world of SEO:

Create (or adjust) your website's content for living, breathing human beings...not for Google or other search engines.

In other words, don't try to "game" Google or trick it into providing you with more traffic than you'd otherwise have.

Instead, work hard to figure out what the people you want to attract are already searching for online. This is a critical early step in your SEO strategy.

The reason why this step is so critical is because Google's primary goal is to provide the best possible results for it's users.

So when someone heads to Google and searches for something, Google wants to provide that user with the best, most relevant results.

And in fact, it's in Google's best interests to do this...otherwise if internet users aren't finding what they want, they'll go to Google's competitors and search there instead...which means lost revenue and marketshare for Google.

So, this critical first step is all about knowing your visitors and what they're searching for.

From this perspective, SEO is not about using tricks or hacks to rank highly in Google. Instead, SEO is a function of your marketing.

The purpose of SEO in your business is to assist Google and other search help them do their job of providing the best, most relevant search results for their users.

This in turn gives you the greatest probabilities of ranking well for these and related search queries.

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