SEO Basics For Small Business (It’s NOT Complex Or Cryptic!)

A lot of marketers, especially online business owners way overcomplicate and overthink SEO. In fact, one of my mantras is quickly becoming, "Don't sweat SEO too much" ...and there's a few solid reasons for this.

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First, it's important to understand that at it's core, the purpose of SEO is simply a method to generate traffic to your of many. And it's important to keep sight of this. THIS is WHY we're interested in SEO in the first place.

That way, we don't overthink or overcomplicate things. Next, a solid SEO strategy is really simply a matter of understanding some basic concepts...and then following a handful of straightforward guidelines and steps. And here, so long as you're hitting the steps and nailing the items in this checklist, you'll be fine.

But here again, people go way, way over the top and make all this much, much more complex than it needs to be -- this is where you hear "hard and fast rules" like "only use a maximum of 10 keywords per page," "never use the description metatag," and so on.

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This finicky stuff and overcomplexity isn't going to make or break your online don't drive yourself crazy or needlessly waste hours on this stuff. So long as you're hitting the important stuff, you're gonna be just fine. Here's something else to keep in mind:

Always be sure to create the kind of pages, posts, and articles that your audience and the sorts of people you want to serve actually want. In other words, don't create content specifically for Google or specifically to rank.

SEO is the icing on top...not the yummy cake. The content of your article or post is the helpful content you've created for your visitors. SEO just enhances things.

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