Sales Funnel Email Sequence – Build Your Powerful Sales Sequence!

One type of email you should be sending to your online business's list of email subscribers is what's called a "sales sequence."

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This is a pre-written automated sequence of emails that gets sent to subscribers as soon as they express interest in one of your products or services. The number of emails you send, and the frequency that you send these emails in is entirely up to you.

For example, you might have a series of 5 emails that get sent out once a day for 5 days. Or maybe you'll set up your sales sequence emails as a set of 3 emails that get sent out over the course of a week -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday...that sorta thing.

I've even heard of sequences that last 30-40 days or longer! HOW you decide to structure things really depends on you, your preferences, and your online business.

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Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that this doesn't have to be overly complex or intricate. You can definitely keep it simple.

Because remember, the entire purpose of this automated sequence of emails is for your new subscriber to get to know you a little better, for you to establish trust and credibility with them, and finally, if they're ready and if it's a good fit, for them to buy from you.

And if the timing isn't right, that's okay...because once they're through the automated sales sequence, you can continue sending them useful, helpful content to continue building the relationship.

Over time, you can continue demonstrating your knowledge and skill, and establishing trust. And this is important because while some subscribers will buy from you right away...most people need a little more time. And that's just fine.

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